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Can I have a job and get BAföG?

Sure, you can have a job while you’re studying. Income from employment (e.g. a job with an employment contract) is only counted against your BAföG starting at a certain amount.

In order offset monthly ups and downs, we calculate an average income. The basis for this calculation is the BAföG grant period, usually 12 months. You can earn up to € 6,240 in a 12-month period without it being counted against your BAföG. This also means that € 520 per month can be earned in addition to BAföG.

Please note that there is different legislation on the books for income from independent work (e.g. conducting a trade) and for salaries from apprenticeships (e.g. paid internships) – this means there are different exempt amounts that will affect our calculations when it comes to your BAföG eligibility. That’s why we recommend talking to us about the specifics of your job.