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What particularities do I have to consider for applications from the 5th semester onwards?

Put simply, § 48 para. 1 BAföG states:

From the 5th semester and later, financial aid for university students will only be awarded from the moment when the student supplies either a certificate of a passed intermediate exam or a statement from their institution issued after the beginning of the 4th semester that states that the student has met all the credit requirements of the 4th semester or, in cases where the first application is filed in a later semester, of the respective semester at the time of application.

These proofs will be considered provided by the end of the previous semester if they are supplied within the first four months of the subsequent semester and they show that the credit requirements they list were already met in the previous semester. For studies with multiple majors, proof must be provided for each sub-discipline.

Note the following:

The provisions of § 48 para. 1 BAföG stipulate that students are only eligible to receive financial aid in the 5th semester and later if the appropriate credit requirements have been met. Without limitation this provision stipulates that students who apply in the 5th semester and later must demonstrate their aptitude as a condition for receiving financial aid. The required proofs of academic achievement are an essential, constitutive precondition to receiving financial aid. In cases where applications are made in due time – e.g. at the latest in the first month of the 5th semester – aid can only be awarded if the proofs of suitability listed above can be supplied within the first four months. To prevent interruption of payments, it is also possible to include a copy of Form 5, issued no later than the 4th month of the 4th semester, along with the 4th-semester application, in which the university confirms that the student has met all credit requirements by the end of the 3rd semester.

Applicants who cannot furnish proof of academic performance as per § 48 para. 1 BAföG may request to supply the documents later if they are not at fault for the delay. This may be the case when

  • Serious grounds are present (e.g. illness, prolongation of the exam period not caused by the applicant e.g. due to illness of the examiner, or failing an intermediate exam that was a prerequisite for continuing the degree program at the end of the 4th semester);
  • The delay is due to involvement as an elected member in committees provided for by law and statutory organs at higher vocational colleges, academies, universities, and federal states of Germany as well as in statutory student self-government bodies at the educational institutions listed here and student services providers;
  • Or in cases where an impairment, pregnancy, or parenting children below the age of 11 during the applicant’s studies have resulted in the delay.

These reasons must be the direct cause for the delay in the applicant’s studies. The delay may not be avoidable by any reasonable means the applicant could take. In cases of doubt, Studentenwerk Dresden will seek certification of illness from the competent health authority by means of administrative assistance.

If you think this might apply to you, we strongly recommend that you let us advise you.