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Saxony State Scholarship for postgraduate and master students

Student doing research in a chemical laboratory

Studentenwerk Dresden is responsible for the application process for this scholarship. The Free State of Saxony awards the Saxony State Scholarship, which is a non-repayable grant.

Studentenwerk Dresden issues the aid granting decision according to the university’s decision. If you have any questions about the approval procedure, contact Studentenwerk Dresden. If you have questions about the application process, contact the respective university directly.

Information on funding in the form of a scholarship for postgraduate and master students

Research projects by students as part of a postgraduate degree program at a university of the Free State of Saxony or at an art college as well as artistic development projects by students as part of a master class program at an art college of the Free State of Saxony are eligible for this scholarship.

Please note that each institution may have its own deadline for submission. If you miss the deadline, your application cannot be considered for the current year.

You may apply for this scholarship at the following universities/institutions:

Wichtige Hinweise:
Sollte Ihr Studium bei Antragstellung noch nicht beendet sein, fügen Sie bitte Ihrem Antrag die Zeugniskopie des Bachelorabschlusses und eine Bescheinigung über bisher erbrachte Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen im Masterstudiengang bei und reichen Sie die Zeugniskopie des Masterabschlusses nach.
Vorhaben verlieren ihre Förderfähigkeit, wenn zum Zeitpunkt der Antragstellung eine Eintragung in die Doktorandenliste bzw. eine Immatrikulation in das Graduiertenstudium vorliegt.

Please note:

  • Degree programs that have already commenced at the time of application (the incoming mail stamp at Studentenwerk Dresden) are not eligible for the scholarship. Only degree programs that begin after the date of receipt at Studentenwerk Dresden are eligible for the scholarship
  • Submit all the forms for your application in loose-leaf form without the use of staples, folders, and plastic sheets;
  • Applications that are handed in late, handed in by email, in English, or incomplete will not be considered;
  • Your application must be delivered with handwritten signature on the application to Studentenwerk Dresden by mail to be valid; the date of receipt will be taken from the incoming mail stamp.

The Studentenwerk Dresden Student Financing Division is responsible for processing applications. Your application will be submitted to the respective university and then processed by Studentenwerk Dresden following their professional decision.

You will be informed of the decision automatically. Please be patient and refrain from inquiring about the status of your application.

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Please note: Only Saxony State Scholarship fellows are eligible.

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Legal basis

The legal basis for the state scholarship for graduate and master students is the Landesstipendienverordnung: Landesstipendienverordnung