Reentry scholarship

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Studentenwerk Dresden is responsible for the application process for this scholarship. The Free State of Saxony awards the reentry scholarship, which is a non-repayable grant.

Studentenwerk Dresden issues the aid granting decision according to the university’s decision. If you have any questions about the approval procedure, contact Studentenwerk Dresden. If you have questions about the application process, contact the respective university directly.

Information on funding in the form of a reentry scholarship

The Free State of Saxony provides grants for researchers for the purposes of reentry into scientific research after a break for familial reasons with the goal of enabling a doctorate or post doctorate degree. The scholarship furthermore is intended to enable postdoctoral researchers to reenter into scientific research following an interruption due to qualified employment to meet the prerequisites for appointment to a university.

Current tenders for reentry scholarships

You may submit your application by 31 March for the current year or by 30 September for the following year.
Please contact your university for more information on applying.

You may apply for this scholarship at the following universities:

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The legal basis for the Georgius Agricola scholarship program is the funding guideline published by the Saxony State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism for study visits by students from the countries of Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe at universities of the Free State of Saxony: Funding guideline as a PDF