Welcome to the Saxon tri-state area

„Together, we can“ (Germ: „Zusammen. Wirken“) In accordance to the Studentenwerk Dresden motto, we are here to assist all students in Zittau and Görlitz.

If you are looking for a residency or would like student financial counseling, by visiting our website, you have come to the right place.

Additionally, all cafeteria menus in Zittau and Görlitz can be found here as well, as well as many tips and suggestions regarding international and cultural events.

Before using our legal and psychological counseling services in Zittau and Görlitz, please be sure to inform yourself to the appropriate office hours for visitors on our website.

A photo of a student standing with open arms and smiling in the inner courtyard of Residence Hall Vogtshof in Görlitz.
A exterior photo of the campus building on Hochwaldstraße 12 in Zittau. The building houses not only a library and cafeteria, but also the Studentenwerk Dresden Office Branch in Zittau.