FIF - Find International Friends

Logo of the FIF with a winking fox and the saying 'Sei pFIFig'.

Each year, countless guests from all over the world come to Dresden to live in our city for a time. The FIF program wants to support international students in establishing friendships with Dresden students. This way, both sides can learn and benefit from each other.

FIF means “Find International Friends” and is a student project of Studentenwerk Dresden. Our tutors put people in contact for joint undertakings, to brush up on foreign language skills or become acquainted with another culture.

Friendships come about ...

... through shared experiences like visiting museums, concerts or plays or on shared trips throughout the area, sports and much more. How long, how often and how regularly you meet is entirely up to you.

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To participate in the FIF program, just fill out the online form – we’ll take care of the rest!

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