Student exchange with Florida State University in Tallahassee, USA

Studentenwerk Dresden has been arranging a student exchange in cooperation with Florida State University and with financial support from the Max Kade Foundation every year since 1998. The Beyond Borders program.

The trip to Tallahassee, Florida usually takes place in February to March (during the semester break). The return visit of American students in Dresden takes place in May of the same year. A detailed announcement is available on our website from the September before the trip in February of the coming year.

The aim of the program is to afford students the opportunity to become better acquainted with the partner country. Through various activities, you will find out more about the USA and the people who live there. In addition to tourist activities, you will also participate in social projects and experience US student life on “Shadow Day”. This will give you an intense lesson in the American way of life. The program also allows for independent travel (4-5 days) that you can arrange on your own with others from your group. This is the perfect opportunity to explore Florida!

In short: a new country, new people, a new culture, an unbelievable experience!

Unfortunately, the Beyond Borders program can no longer take place.

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Travel reports from past years

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