Kizomba / Urban Kiz is a dance originally from Angola, which has been mixed and modified over the last decades with the Caribbean Zouk and later in Europe with Hip-Hop and Tango elements. Finally, in France and Portugal, the variant Urban Kiz developed, which mixes modern, dynamic tempo changes with traditional Kizomba elements and is taught by us. In the last years Kizomba and Urban Kiz gained more and more popularity in Europe.

We want to make the dance better known in Dresden, build a community and prepare for international festivals. For this purpose we offer a free practice course. Every Tuesday there will be an introduction to important basic elements, which can then be practiced in free practice dance. We are looking forward to your numerous attendance.

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Robin Dirlewanger, Fabian Pitzer


SS 2024
every Tuesday, from 8:00 p.m.


Studentenhaus TUSCULUM
01219 Dresden
Hall 2


on donation basis


possible at any time on site