Artistic courses in winter semester 2019/20

In Dresden, students will find a wide range of cultural offers. For those who don't just want to consume art and culture, the Studentenwerk Dresden offers a large number of artistic and creative courses in cooperation with artistic groups and municipal cultural institutions.

All musically active persons are recommended to participate in one of the many student orchestras - orchestra, choir or big band.

The artistic activity gives a good opportunity to get to know people with similar interests and at the same time a beneficial balance to study.

The turning course under the direction of master wood turner Claudia Behnisch is unique in Dresden. Here you will learn in an almost familiar atmosphere what can be made of wood.
If, on the other hand, you are more interested in movement, then the folklore dance ensemble Thea Maass of the TU Dresden or the jazz course of the children's and youth dance studio are just the thing for you.

The riesa efau offers a wide range of artistic courses. The programme can be found at
If you decide to take courses at Riesa efau, you will receive an additional discount on the course price due to the support of the Studentenwerk Dresden. Please register directly with riesa efau.

We wish you a nice winter semester 2019/20 and lots of fun with your courses!

Artistic courses