Studentenhaus TUSCULUM Terms and Conditions

1.Intended use

The Studentenhaus TUSCULUM is used primarily for non-profit student purposes. Students, student groups and artistic student collectives may use the space for rehearsals or events free of charge or for a reasonable fee. For current usage fees, see the valid usage fee list. Commercial use should play a secondary role.

2.Types of use

2.1.Event use

2.1.1.The space is available for event use Thursday and Saturday. The space may be used by the day upon request. Requests for use shall be submitted in writing to the responsible staff member. Use of the space will be granted based on the order of requests received. The space may be booked up to six months in advance. All written requests for use of the space for holding events will be assessed for their feasibility and decided upon by the Culture Office. Based on the request contents, a use agreement will be prepared and delivered to the applicant for signature. Events that are politically explosive relative to higher education policy issues require approval by the CEO of Studentenwerk Dresden as well as extraordinary terms of use.

2.1.2.Per semester, each organizer may hold no more than three events. At least four weeks must lie between any two events held by the same organizer. This does not apply to recognized self-governing student bodies or to facilities of universities associated with Studentenwerk Dresden.

2.1.3.Public events by non-students are permitted only in the lecture-free periods; at other times, non-students may use the space for private events only.

2.2.Use of the space by artistic groups or other student groups and individual users

2.2.1.Long-term use of the space for rehearsals, meetings of student groups and lecture series is possible. Users may receive grant agreements up to max. 1 year. Use may be constant (without specified times) or non-constant (at specific times on set days).Requests for use shall be submitted in writing to the responsible staff member.

3.Conclusion of a use agreement

3.1. Upon receipt of a use agreement request, Studentenwerk will submit a use agreement to the applicant within a week. The use agreement must be signed and returned to Studentenwerk within 14 days, otherwise it shall be deemed invalid and the space may be reassigned for use. The user will pay the usage fee and deposit to Studentenwerk upon conclusion of the use agreement or at the latest 30 days before the event in question. The usage fee and deposit are specified separately in the document “Usage Fees for Studentenhaus TUSCULUM”.

3.2.Termination of agreement

3.2.1.Use agreements may be terminated by the user against payment of a €10.00 processing charge up to thirty-one (31) days prior to the event date.

3.2.2.In the event of a termination of a use agreement by the user thirty days and less before the event, Studentenwerk Dresden will retain the 50% of the agreed usage fee as a flat-rate compensation for expenses and damages.

3.2.3.In the event of a termination of a use agreement by the user 14 days and less before the event, Studentenwerk Dresden will retain the full amount of the usage fee as a flat-rate compensation for expenses and damages.

3.2.4.Studentenwerk is entitled to withdraw from the use agreement if

  • Circumstances become apparent by which the intended use of the space may constitute a disturbance of public safety and order or damage to Studentenwerk in material or immaterial form (especially with regard to political neutrality and Studentenwerk's public standing),
  • The intended use was changed without the consent of Studentenwerk,
  • The user uses the space in a way contrary to the use agreement or otherwise flagrantly violates the agreement, especially by allowing third parties to use the space.

4.Obligations of Studentenwerk

Studentenwerk is obligated to provide the space to the user including furnishings as per handover inventory in an orderly condition at the fixed date. Studentenwerk assumes no guarantee for the suitability of the space for certain types of events unless the parties to this agreement have made a special written agreement to such end. If on the event day furniture stipulated for use (“Additional service”) cannot be made available to the user, Studentenwerk shall bear at maximum the costs that the user has to pay to Studentenwerk for use of the furniture.

5.Obligations of the user

5.1.The user is obligated to be present on site during the event. The user shall maintain order during the event and the safety of all event attendees, if necessary, through the use of security forces.

5.2.By limiting the number of entrance tickets and an effective entrance control, the use is obligated to ensure that the maximum permissible number of guests is not exceeded, for safety reasons.

5.3.The user is reminded that no smoking is permitted in the entire building. The user is obligated to enforce this rule during the event.

The user carries all costs incurred through the event (e.g. GEMA fees); the user is also responsible to obtain any official permits necessary to hold the event in question.

5.5.Use of the space is at the user’s own risk. The user is obligated to compensate the provider for any damages incurred in conjunction with event planning and follow-up as well as holding of the event itself. In particular, the user shall exempt the provider from any third-party compensation claims in the aforementioned context.

5.6.The user must present proof of a private liability insurance or an event liability insurance if requested by the provider.

5.7.If the user plans to advertise the event, any advertising materials must be submitted to Studentenwerk Dresden before beginning any advertising activities. This also apples to online advertising.

5.8.The user is obligated to reduce noise levels in conjunction with the event to a minimum in the interest of local residents by:

  • Meeting statutory limits for noise emissions, outside the space used, measured at the nearest residential building (to 10 PM 55 dB(A); after 10 PM 40 dB(A)); for detailed information, please visit
  • Keeping the entrance doors and windows closed during the event.

Use of outdoor areas is permissible only with the written consent of Studentenwerk Dresden.

6.Handover of the space

6.1.The terms of handover shall be agreed on with Studentenwerk. As a general rule, handover to the user takes place on the event day between 10 AM and 3 PM.A handover inventory is drawn up to this end. For weekend events or events on holidays, the keys are handed over on the last workday before the event. However, the space may only be used to the time specified in the use agreement.

6.2.Handover to the provider shall take place on the following day (for weekend events, on the following workday) to a specified time, as a general rule before 11 AM. I.e.: All cleanup efforts must be finished by this time. All cleanup efforts must be finished by Sunday at 3 PM for weekend events.

6.3.The handover inventory will ascertain and document the general state of cleanliness of the used space and outdoor spaces as well as the completeness and intactness of both inventory and the premises themselves.

6.4. The space must be returned in a condition that permits cleaning efforts on behalf of the provider without hindrance. This includes:

  • Returning all chairs and tables to their intended spots.
  • Removing all waste and event leftovers, especially tape and chewing gum residue. Wipe down with a moist cloth all tables to clean off any event-related filth.
  • Wash, dry and put away used dishes.
  • Clean toilets of any gross contamination, e.g. vomit.
  • Clean the outdoor steps of any event-related filth (by sweeping or, if necessary, more intensive cleaning measures).

The user bears any costs incurred through necessary subsequent cleaning efforts if the space is not handed over in an orderly state.

The parquet floors are to be treated with care. Any chairs, tables and technical equipment required must be carried or moved using standard transport aids.

Use the available wall hooks to hand any decorations. Attaching tape, staples, nails or other fastening materials to walls, doors, chairs, tables, windows and frames will be deemed as property damage

7.Waste disposal

Waste must be separated:

  • Dispose of glass at a public collection point.
  • Light materials should be disposed of in the yellow bin at TUSCULUM.
  • Paper/cardboard should be disposed of in the blue bin at TUSCULUM.
  • The user should dispose of residual waste in a provided 120 L waste bag.

The provider will charge any additional waste.


For private events, the deposit will be paid back after seven days if the space has been returned in an orderly state.

For public events, the deposit will be paid back as follows:

  1. For student events upon submission of event billing within 14 days of the event.
  2. For non-student events, within four weeks of the event.

In particular, the provider retains the right to retain the deposit in part or in full in order to cover his own claims against the user in the following cases:

  • Failure to comply with volume conditions as per Point 5.8.
  • Damages caused by the user determined upon handover of the space to the provider
  • Outstanding user payments
  • Compensation for material and immaterial damages and reimbursement of expenses due to infractions by the user against the intended use as stipulated in the use agreement.

The right of the provider to demand compensation for greater damages and expenses remains unaffected; the right of the user to furnish proof of lesser damages and expenses.

9.Damages to the space

The following terms are stipulated for cases where damages to the space are determined:

  • Exceptionally, the user can be given the opportunity to professionally remove the damage himself.
  • In the case of minor damage up to an estimated value of € 100.00, which the user cannot repair himself, the amount of the damage will be offset against the deposit.
  • Larger damages will be charged to the organizer after repair by professional companies. The deposit remains with the Studentenwerk until all claims have been settled in full.

The user will be charged for the costs of repairing any damage caused, for delays in handing over the room, and for any necessary repairs during cleaning. In the case of work carried out by a company, the total invoice amount will be charged, otherwise the hourly rate will be charged according to the currently valid rates of the Studentenwerk Dresden. For missing inventory, the new acquisition price is due.

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