More information on the Studentenhaus TUSCULUM

Studentenwerk Dresden runs TUSCULUM as a Studentenhaus. It is a place where students and artistic collectives can be creative, use rehearsal spaces and hold their own events.

Thursdays and Saturdays, TUSCULM can be leased by non-students for various purposes (private and public events, whether birthdays, weddings, concerts, dance events, film screenings, balls, conferences, workshops and much more).For events, Studentenwerk provides the space with tables and a kitchen only.

The leaser must independently organize catering, musicians, DJs or other necessary considerations for an event. The leaser must determine whether TUSCULUM is an appropriate venue and must obtain all relevant permits (e.g. Health certificate for food sales, liquor license) and/or pay third-party fees (e.g. GEMA).

The lease fee contains a fixed fee for final cleaning by Studentenwerk. Only student events may clean the space on their own; in such cases, the cleaning fee is waived.

Final cleaning by Studentenwerk includes:
Re-sweeping and mopping of all used spaces and halls, kitchen, including toilets and outdoor stairs, cleaning sinks, toilets and urinals, removal of minor contamination due to the event.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information, especially as pertains to your obligations as the user.

Additional services such as technical equipment and decorations may be also booked. All lease requests must be made via our online event calendar and are possible at maximum six months in advance.

Lease information

The following rooms are available for lease at TUSCULUM, August-Bebel-Straße 12, 01219 Dresden:

  • Hall 1 with 125 m², with no chairs max. capacity 250 persons
  • Hall 2 with 70 m², with no chairs max. capacity 140 persons
  • Hall 3 with 70 m², with no chairs max. capacity 140 persons
  • Hall 1+2+3, with no chairs max. capacity 400 persons

Hall 1 with chairs (in rows) max. reasonable capacity 100 persons. With chairs and tables, the max. reasonable capacity is 60 persons. Also available for use are approx. 100 chairs and 30 tables in different designs (20 tables 140 x 70 cm, 18 tables 150 x 80 cm, 8 round bistro tables 75 cm diameter, 75 cm high; 2 conference tables 160 x 80 cm).Halls 1 and 3 each have a piano. In addition, a total of 9 sofas are available for use distributed in the rooms (4 in rotunda room 1, 3 in the foyer, one sofa each in room 2 and room 3).

The spaces can be leased individually or together. The kitchen may be used if Hall 1 or 2 is leased. The kitchen is equipped with 3 refrigerators (one incl. freezer), double sink, dishwasher, electric stove, two metal sideboards, large countertop, coffee maker and kettle.

As an additional service, music and lighting equipment, projector and screen, crockery and cutlery for up to 30 people, and colorfully illuminated seating cubes can be booked for a fee.

Days available for lease: Thursday and Saturday

Handover as follows:

  1. Lease for Thursday: Handover Thu at 10 AM, handover to provider Friday at 10 AM
  2. Lease for Saturday: Handover Friday at 1 PM, handover to provider Monday at 10 AM
Download floor plan as PDF

Additional services

The following items may be additionally booked when you lease the space:

  • Sound system: Bass box/subwoofer "Turbosounds Ip15B" + 2 speakers, 8-channel Peavy mixer
  • Lighting: Truss set (permanently installed) consisting of 2 x dimmer bar KLS 801 from Eurolight + 2x Varytec Derby ST LED disco spotlights + Eurolite Easy Show mixing console, 8 LED floor spotlights (6 x Eurolite Led Par-56, 2x Stagg Ecopar 630 41, 6 floor spotlights PAR 56
  • Projector: EH-TW6600W home projector from EPSON incl. wireless transmission
  • Screen: Mobile setup with handle-opening action
  • Dishes: Dishes (green/white) and cutlery (basic) for max. 30 persons
  • 10 LED cubes made of white plastic with colored lighting
  • Black or red molleton for room 1

You can take a look at the available equipment under "A tour of TUSCULUM".

Please see the usage fees list for rates.

Studentenhaus TUSCULUM does not provide its own catering service, but the leaser is welcome to book a third-party catering service.

The building does have WiFi.

The use of a fog machine is not allowed.