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User regulations for University food service institutions
of the Studentenwerk Dresden

as of February 2, 2010


This is NOT a legal document. It simply serves as guideline to the document "Benutzungsordnung für die Hochschulgastronomiebetriebe des Studentenwerkes Dresden in german, which is the official language in any legal dispute.

In pursuance of § 111 ¶ 3 clause 1 no. 2 of the Higher Education Act of the Free State of Saxony effective December 10, 2008 (SächsGVBl. p. 900), which underwent its last alterations with the addition of section 10 dated from June 26, 2009 (SächsGVBl. p. 375, 377), the administrative board of the Studentenwerk Dresden has established the following user regulations.

§ 1 Area of validity

(1) These user regulations apply to all university food service institutions of the Studentenwerk Dresden.

(2) University food service institutions in the meaning of this ordinance apply to all canteens and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Dresden.

§ 2 Area of application and use

(1) All students that pay their semester fee to the Studentenwerk Dresden, as well as other users established in the constitution of the Studentenwerk Dresden are allowed to use the university food service institutions during opening hours.

(2) All users are required to present the respective documents or cards that entitle them to use the canteens and cafeterias on request.

§ 3 Food prices and payment transactions

(1) As the low prices for full meals are made possible by state grants and the semester fees, they only apply to university students and pupils who are on equal terms under higher education legislation.

(2) Prices for university personnel are calculated on the basis of particular federal state laws. Guests with special permits are charged in a separate manner.

(3) Cafeteria prices are subject to other business policies and price determination mechanisms.

(4) Payment is generally accepted in the form of data mediums provided for this purpose which can be purchased in exchange for a fixed deposit. All prices are displayed clearly on monitors, notice boards and counter labels.

(5) Cash payment is accepted at an extra charge.

§ 4 Householder's rights

The householder's rights are exercised by the executive director or his representative. Instructions issued under this authority are to be followed.

§ 5 General codes of conduct

(1) Guests are required to act and behave in a manner that does not interfere with the flow of operations or handicap other persons.

(2) Smoking is prohibited by law in all university food service facilities. The Studentenwerk Dresden is not legally obligated to arrange and provide smoking areas within the university food service buildings. Smoking bans for the outside areas can be imposed as well.

(3) Every guest is obliged to carry their trays, dishes and cutlery to the designated areas. Waste and rubbish are to be disposed of in the designated bins. Trays, dishes, cutlery and other belongings of the Studentenwerk Dresden are only to be used in the dining halls, lounges and outside areas of the university food service facilities.

(4) If unusually large crowds of people want to dine at the same time, seats and standing areas need to be cleared as quickly as possible. This means that these areas shall not be occupied by people engaging in activities other than dining. All staff members of the university food service institutions are authorized to request students to clear blocked places.

(5) Lost & found items are to be handed over to university food service administration.

(6) Animals are not allowed on the premises of all university food service institution.

§ 6 Advertising and technological information transfer

(1) The distribution, posting, spreading or other form of leaving behind any carriers of information without prior approval is prohibited. Requests for permission to make an exception in this regard are to be submitted to university food service administration. Applicants however have no legal claim to this permission.

(2) Student councils and other student committees are regularly provided with possibilities of information transfer.

(3) Private, non-commercial advertisements are allowed to be posted onto designated areas. Posts this description is not free of charge and requires a special permit.

(4) The right to operate technological devices and use related equipment for the public transmission of information in the university food service facilities is exclusively reserved for the Studentenwerk Dresden.

§ 7 Commercial activities, petitions

(1) Commercial activities such as the sale or marketing of goods or scripts/publications, as well as complimentary distribution thereof require a prior written consent. The same holds true for the collection of signatures for petitions. Permission must be sought from the executive director of the Studentenwerk Dresden or his representative.

(2) Permits are not usually issued free of charge. Payment is to be made before the beginning of the respective activity. Applicants however have no legal claim to this permission.

§ 8 Events, gatherings

Gatherings and events which are to take place in the facilities or on the general premises of university food service institutions are only possible with the prior written consent of the executive director of the Studentenwerk Dresden. Applicants however have no legal claim to this permission.

§ 9 Safety regulations

(1) Various exits, emergency exits, hallways and escape routes shall not be blocked by any objects for security reasons. All students, guests and university personnel are required comply with the legal regulations of building security.

(2) Table and seating arrangements are not to be changed unless permitted by the executive director or his representative.

(3) Economic areas are only to be used by Studentenwerk Dresden personnel or other authorized persons.

§ 10 Parking of vehicles

(1) Bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and automobiles are only to be parked and placed in the designated areas in the outside areas of the university food service institutions. Other vehicles are not to be parked in these spaces, with the exception of wheelchairs and strollers.

(2) Illegally parked vehicles of all kinds will be towed at the owner's expense in order maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

§ 11 Measures in case of violation

Violation of the foregoing regulations shall result in measures taken in a form suitable to the act in question. This refers particularly to the removal of non-authorized information mediums, the barring of violators from certain facilities and the charging of indemnity fines.

§ 12 Liability

(1) Liability clauses adhere to the applicable legal provisions, most notably as established in the German Civil Code.

(2) Guests are to be mindful of their coats, umbrellas and other personal items brought onto the premises. The Studentenwerk Dresden shall assume no liability for lost items.

(3) The Studentenwerk Dresden shall assume no liability for any damages guests might inflict on each other It shall also assume no responsibility for damages done to vehicles parked on the compound of the Studentenwerk Dresden.

§ 13 Beginning of applicability

These user regulations come into effect immediately following the day of their publication in the Sächsischen Amtsblatt/Amtlicher Anzeiger. At this point, the user regulations for the catering institutions of the Studentenwerk Dresden (effective as of August 29, 1996, last amended in March of 2004) shall be fully suspended.

Dresden, Februar 2, 2010
Martin Richter
Executive director