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Use of the Campuscard in our canteens and cafeterias

Use of TU-Campuscard in canteens and cafeterias
© Photo: Crispin-Iven Mokry

The TU Dresden has started issuing the new student ID "Campuscard".

If you have received a Campuscard, please note the following important information regarding our canteens and cafeterias:

With the new TU Campuscard, the payment function for our canteens and cafeterias is now integrated into your student ID. A separate Emeal card is no longer necessary, you simply pay by putting on your Campuscard at the cash register.

Return of the existing Emeal cards

If you have previously used a MensaCard Emeal, you can return it at the service points in the following canteens:

Please note the current opening hours of the service points in the canteens.

When you return your MensaCard Emeal, any credit on the card and the deposit will be returned to you.

Top up canteen credit on the TU-Campuscard

Payment with the Campuscard works very similarly to the previous MensaCard Emeal.

For credit loading of the Campuscard, we recommend that you sign an Autoload contract. With Autoload, you can quickly and easily load credit onto your Campuscard via SEPA direct debit as soon as your available balance falls below a certain minimum amount. In this way, you help us to significantly speed up the processes at the checkouts.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to take over an existing Autoload contract from a previous MensaCard Emeal; this contract ends when the Emeal is returned.

Please ask at a cashier in our canteens for a printout of your user number and password for our card service online portal:

Go to online card service

You can easily and conveniently conclude the Autoload contract online via the portal. You can also adjust your Autoload top-up and minimum amount in the portal and track the transactions of your Campuscard.

More about Autoload

If you do not wish to use Autoload, you can also top up the credit on your Campuscard at any time in cash or with a debit card at the cash desks in our canteens and cafeterias.

Further information about the Campuscard on the TU Dresden website