Photo  Cafeteria Pillnitz

Cafeteria Pillnitz in Dresden

The Pillnitz cafeteria is a small facility in the new coach house on Pillnitzer Platz. It is meant to provide HTW (College of Business and Technology) students of land cultivation and husbandry with snacks and beverages.
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General information

Address:Pillnitzer Platz 1, 01326 Dresden
History:Opened in 1998

Opening hours and events Cafeteria Pillnitz

In the following overview you will find the opening and closing times including current changes.

Cafeteria Pillnitz - Currently changed opening hours

Sommerpause11.07.22 - 03.10.22Wir gehen in die Sommerpause. Wir wünschen unseren Gäste eine erfolgreiche Prüfungszeit und schöne Semesterferien. Ab 4.10. sind wir wieder da.

Cafeteria Pillnitz - Regular opening hours

Currently no information on the opening times are available.
Please inform yourself on the notice boards on site at the facility.

The following table lists the current and upcoming campaign weeks of the Cafeteria Pillnitz.

Cafeteria Pillnitz - Current and future campaigns

Currently there are no information about campaigns available.

Contact persons for Cafeteria Pillnitz

The following table lists the contact person for the Cafeteria Pillnitz in Dresden.
For inquiries, praise or criticism, please use our central contact form.

Serviceleiterin Jacqueline Wolff


Jacqueline Wolff

Mobile: +49 (0) 175 6535578

Map of Cafeteria Pillnitz