Meal tickets for external guests of our canteens

External guests can eat in every canteen at the designated guest prices and pay cash at the cash desk. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase meal tickets, e.g. for conferences or visitor groups.

Meal tickets can be used in all canteens, with the exception of the Mensa U-Boot. For one meal ticket, you will receive a main course of your choice and a drink with a free choice of seating in the canteen.

Prices of meal tickets

  • Students: €6.50
  • Pupils: €8,00 (incl. 7% VAT)
  • other Guests: €11.00 (incl. 19% VAT)

To purchase student meal tickets, proof must be provided that the student is a student or a school student.

A return of purchased meal tickets is generally not possible.

There are two options for purchasing meal tickets:

1. Buy meal tickets on the spot with cash payment

You can purchase meal tickets in small quantities (max. 20 per day) at any service point/service office of the large canteens. Payment is made immediately in cash and you will receive a receipt.

2. Order meal tickets online with payment by invoice

Larger quantities of meal tickets (minimum order quantity 10) can be ordered directly online here. The lead time for meal ticket orders is at least three working days. The order is binding and obligates you to pay the invoice amount.

Order meal tickets online