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Is it possible for me as a student from out of town, a high school student, intern or trainee to eat in the university's canteen at student prices by purchasing an MensaCard Emeal?

The student prices apply to students studying at German universities and to pupils with equal status under higher education law who pay social contributions to the Studentenwerk Dresden or another student union. The favorable meal price results mainly from these semester contributions and the state subsidies. We are required by our Board of Directors and the State of Saxony to strictly limit the eligibility for use at student conditions to the initial group of persons mentioned.

Though there are few exceptions:

For students who have not paid a semester fee, there is an opportunity to also take advantage of the low student prices upon payment of the current prorated semester fee for university dining for half a year or as a monthly payment (1/6 of the above fee). This also applies to:

  • Trainees of the universities
  • Future students in the preparatory semester
  • Students of the Carus Academy: 50% of the current pro-rata semester fee for university catering for half a year

Students and interns can use the canteen offer at the student price plus 7% VAT.