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Why is there a surcharge of 20 cents for takeaway packaging?

  • Takeaway packaging produces a lot of waste.*
  • The Studentenwerk Dresden would like to finance projects that are working on developments of recirculation systems at Dresden’s colleges as well as projects at highschool Zittau/Görlitz.
  • These 20 cents are supposed to make the consumers aware of issues such as sustainability and that takeaway packaging is not an adequate way of dealing with this issue.
  • It is not possible to dispose takeaway packaging environmentally friendly yet, although they have been produced in that way.

*Facts worth knowing about takeaway coffee cup:

  • About 2.8 Million cups per year are being used in Germany – that is 320,000 cups per hour.
  • To produce the paper necessary for those cups, 64,000 tons of wood, 29,000 tons of paper, 11,000 tons of plastic, 1.5 Billion liters of water and 320 Million kWh are needed.
  • A disposable cup is being used for about 15 minutes, which is even less time than a plastic bag that is usually carried for about 25 minutes.

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