Counseling offers for students with disabilities

Counseling for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the counseling office

The counseling office of the Studentwerk will gladly help you with your questions. It is a member the IGB-network and because of that, it can fall back on experience and knowledge when it comes to combining disabilities and studying.

It is not always easy for students with handicaps to handle their studies, be it because of limitations due to chronic illnesses or because of disabilities. In such cases, the counseling office wants to be your point of contact.

Disadvantage compensation

You should be well informed about your rights even before you begin your studies. This concerns different disadvantage compensations; i.e. when applying at a university or during your studies.

  • Application

    You can already receive special considerations when first applying at a university. For example, you can receive special consideration when applying to the ZVS when it comes to the university or waiting time if hardships due to disabilities arise for the applicant.

  • During your Studies

    During your studies, it is possible to receive disadvantage compensations due to disabilities within the study and exam regulations.
    In those cases, a timely notification naming the limitations due to illnesses and contacting the respective examination board are important.

Financial counseling in regards to your studies

The counseling office can offer help in regards to the following topics:


For certain disabilities, it is necessary to move into a handicapped accessible apartment. Below, you can see the possible dorms of the Studentenwerk Dresden:

If you have any questions about a fitting dorm, you can contact the division Housing. Your contact: Mrs. Effner

University gastronomy

Not all canteens can be accessed without problems yet. In those cases, the canteen employees will help you. Handicapped accessible entries can be found in the following canteens:

You can find a list of all the canteens on the overview

The offers for allergic persons are constantly being improved and possible allergens are – as much as it can be influenced by the catering service – avoided. Allergenic additives are already listed in all canteens. Concerned persons can receive further information regarding the meals from the canteen personnel.

Further contacts

Appointee for people with handicaps of the universities

Technische Universität Dresden
Appointee for students with disabilities
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Rainer G. Spallek
c/o Institut für Technische Informatik
D - 01062 Dresden

Further go to the websites of the universities

Community of interest Studying and Disabilities of the TU Dresden

Information and counseling office Studying and Disabilities of the German Studentenwerk (DSW)

Counseling for disabled and chronically ill students of the student council of the TU Dresden (Stura Beratung)