Free meal cards

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Free meal card

General information

The free meal card is made possible through social funds. By applying, any student in a higher education institute within the Studentenwerk Dresden jurisdiction, who is also currently experiencing temporary financial difficulties, will be eligible to receive a free meal card from the Studentenwerk. Only one card, with a maximum credit of 100€, can be issued to each applicant per year.

The applicant has no legal claim to the awarding of free meal card.

Using your free meal card

With a free meal card, the recipient is able to use any service or offer, including drinks and desserts, in any desired canteen of the Studentenwerk Dresden corresponding to the card's credit.

The free meal card must be presented at the canteen’s register.


To receive financial support in the form of a free meal card, it is necessary that the student is currently experiencing financial difficulties and can provide the necessary documents to verify this claim.

The reason for this difficulty can be various in nature (e.g. temporary financial difficulty through the failure of reimbursement, due to sickness, and/or debt).

Application process

The application form alongside a corresponding reason and documents is to be provided to the Studentenwerk Dresden, counseling and Social Services Office, Social Counseling Department.

The necessary documents are:

  • A valid certificate of enrollment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
  • A copy of your bank account from the past four weeks

For further questions, our staff of the social counseling is happy to be of service.

Tel.: +49 351 4697 -661 / -662