Interest free graduation loans from the Studentenwerk

Upon application, the Studentenwerk grants a financial loan to students who are not or no longer supported by BAföG:

  • Application has to be formal
  • Payment usually in monthly installments
  • Has to be vouched for by one to three citizens
    • who have permanent residency in Germany
    • who are not under 25 and not older than 60
    • who have a sufficient income, which have to be proven
  • signatures on the certificate of debt have to be certified by an civil service office that is authorized to certify documents

Application process

The application must be submitted to the Social Counseling Service of the Studentenwerk Dresden with the appropriate justification and the required documents.

Guideline for awarding graduation loans (German PDF)
Application for a graduation loan (German PDF)
Promissory bill with letter of guarantee (German PDF)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the staff of the Social Counseling Service:

Social Counseling Service at the Studentenwerk Dresden
Other options for financial support