Daycare center Miniforscher

Restricted normal operation

From Monday, 18 May, the daycare centres SpielWerk and Miniforscher can reopen with many restrictions - the daycare team hopes for the active help and cooperation of parents.

According to the Sächsicher Regelverordnung zu Corona, day-care centres also open their doors again for - albeit very limited - care of the youngest children.
Many notes must be observed.

Oberstes Prinzip ist das Einhalten der Hygiene-Vorschriften - Eltern bringen die Kinder zur Kita zu festgelegten Zeiten zu vereinbarten Treffpunkten im Außenbereich der Kita.

The overriding principle is compliance with hygiene regulations - parents bring their children to the nursery at fixed times to agreed meeting points outside the nursery.

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Daycare SpielWerk
Daycare Miniforscher


Address of the daycare center

Studentenwerk Dresden
Kita Miniforscher
Teplitzer Straße 28
01219 Dresden

Management team

Daycare head: Manuela Lösche and Bettina Kulke
Fax: 0351 4796559-31


Daycare management: 0351 4796559-0
Group 1: 0351 4796559-26
Group 2: 0351 4796559-27
Group 3: 0351 4796559-23
Group 4: 0351 4796559-22
Group 5 (infant group): 0351 4796559-21

Contact times

Office hours:

Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm

Office hours of the management for parents' concerns:

Tuesday 3:30pm - 4.30pm

Closing times:

The days around Christmas and the turn of the year, 2 pedagogical training days, 2 QM days for quality assurance and the day after Ascension Day.


Description of the facility

  • 70 places for nursery children aged nine weeks to the age of three
  • 4 nursery groups with an age mixture of 1-3 years, 1 nursery group for under 1-year-olds
  • 5 group rooms with various play and educational areas, with connecting play corridors for learning and discovery
  • a garden area with play corners for nature experiences

Information event daycare Miniforscher

Within the context of a tour of our house, we introduce you to our day care centre and the contents of our pedagogical work. We will answer your questions about registration, familiarisation, everyday life at the day care centre and all aspects of your child's day care centre.


every fourth Tuesday of the month from 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Daycare Miniforscher Teplitzer Straße 28. Meeting point is the management office on the upper floor.


Meal service

  • Full board (breakfast, fruit meal, lunch, snacks and drinks) through the canteen Reichenbachstraße
  • Labelling of additives and allergens
  • Expanded offer for allergy sufferers and religious or cultural peculiarities

Our pedagogical focuses

  • Pedagogical guiding principle: The child strives for self-initiated self-education
  • Encouraging independence in everyday life
  • Forming relationships
  • Playgrounds and outdoor areas encourage independent learning
  • Everyday integrated language support
  • Culturally sensitive pedagogy and interculturality

Location and accessibility

icon explanation
accessible entrance
conditionally accessible entrance
non-accessible entrance
wheelchair-accessible WC
conditionally wheelchair-accessible WC
non wheelchair-accessible WC
Accessible visitor parking space
Visitor parking space
No parking space
accessible elevator
conditionally accessible elevator
no elevator