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The daycare center SpielWerk of the Studentenwerk Dresden participates in the current federal support program "Language Daycare: Because Language is the Key to the World" of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. The day care centre is supported by an additional specialist with proven knowledge and experience in the field of language education.

The language skills that children acquire in the first years of life are the "key to the world" for them. They learn to express feelings and thoughts and to understand others, to communicate with each other and to recognize connections of the world. With the acquisition of the language, essential foundations for personality and social relations are laid.
That is why we see it as an essential task to accompany the language acquisition and language development of all children individually. Children who learn German as a language of encounter or second language in our day care centres receive special support.
Since language education and support are not to be separated from the other areas of education, but are to be incorporated into them, we are pleased to be able to participate once again in a federal support programme on the subject of language.

One focus of the federal support programme "Sprach-Kitas" is the further development of holistic and everyday language education as a universal principle in the daily life of our day care centres. It is also about deepening our inclusive and intercultural educational concept and about cooperation with families.

Constanze Kirch, consultant for inclusive linguistic education, accompanies, advises and supports the pedagogical specialists in implementing the goals of the federal support programme.

Further information on the federal support programme "Sprach-Kitas" can be found on the website


Constanze Kirch
Telephon: +49 (0) 3514717125
Gefördert vom: Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend