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General regulations and guidelines for the use of Studentenwerk Dresden facilities, services, and events

Status: 13 October 2014

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As per § 111 par. 3 sentence 1 no. 2 of the Freedom of Institutions of Higher Education in the Free State of Saxony Act (German: Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz – SächsHSFG), revised on 01.01.2013 (SächsGVBl. p. 3), the board of directors of Studentenwerk Dresden has issued the following General Regulations and Guidelines.

§ 1 Scope, basic user eligibility

(1) The General Regulations and Guidelines apply to all Studentenwerk Dresden facilities and accordingly to all services offered, hereinafter referred to as "facilities". The document applies accordingly to Studentenwerk Dresden events held outside its facilities. The provisions of the General Regulations and Guidelines shall apply unless otherwise stipulated by special regulations for certain Studentenwerk Dresden areas.

(2) The use of the facilities is generally permitted to all students who are assigned to Studentenwerk Dresden by legal ordinance or on a contractual basis, as well as to other groups of persons named in the Studentenwerk basic rules, hereinafter referred to as "users".

(3) All users are obliged to prove their authorization to use the facilities upon request.

(4) Persons who do not belong to the above-mentioned group of persons may stay in the facilities as visitors if it is necessary to deal with personal or business matters related to Studentenwerk activities as well as to attend public or non-public events, the latter only upon invitation by Studentenwerk Dresden.

(5) The rights and obligations of Studentenwerk Dresden employees and the employees of its permanent business partners in connection with the employment relationship shall remain unaffected by the provisions of the General Regulations and Guidelines.

§ 2 General rules of conduct

(1) Users and visitors must behave in such a way as to avoid obstructing or endangering other persons or disrupting operational procedures.

(2) Smoking is prohibited in all facilities. Studentenwerk Dresden is not obliged to create and maintain smoking areas in the facilities. Smoking bans can also be imposed for outdoor areas.

(3) Studentenwerk Dresden’s own equipment may only be used on the premises and in open spaces of its facilities.

(4) In the event of high frequency of users and visitors, access to the facilities and events may be restricted by appropriate and legally permissible measures due to exceeding the capacity limit. This may not form the basis for any claims for compensation of any kind or other legal claims against Studentenwerk Dresden.

(5) Items found in the facilities and their outside areas must be returned to the nearest Studentenwerk Dresden facility.

(6) It is prohibited to bring animals into Studentenwerk Dresden facilities. Exceptions to this rule are assistance dogs such as guide dogs where the dog owner can prove the necessity of bringing the dog along.

§ 3 Right to allow or deny access

(1) The right to allow or deny access to its institutions is exercised by the Executive Director of Studentenwerk Dresden or their representative. Their instructions must be followed. This also applies to Studentenwerk Dresden events held outside its facilities.

(2) Disruptive persons may be denied access to the facilities or participation in Studentenwerk Dresden events held outside its facilities. Such persons can be expelled from the facilities or excluded from participating in Studentenwerk Dresden events held outside its facilities. Either course may also be effected under threat and application of appropriate coercive measures. Persons who violate § 2 para. 1 of these General Regulations and Guidelines and/or who are banned from the premises in particular shall be deemed disruptive. In all other cases, what is deemed disruptive shall be assessed on an individual basis.

(3) Insofar as disruptive persons as defined in the preceding paragraph must be allowed to enter the facilities in order to perform acts that cannot be carried out by third parties, they may do so, if necessary, escorted by a Studentenwerk Dresden employee who will accompany such persons from the entrance of the facility to the place where the act is to be carried out and back again.

§ 4 Advertising and technical transmission of information

(1) Without prior consent, any distribution, display, attachment, or other depositing of information media in and on the facilities is prohibited. Applications for permission to make exceptions to this rule must be submitted in writing to Studentenwerk Dresden. No legal claim exists to have exceptional consent granted.

(2) Student councils and other student bodies shall be provided with permanent information facilities upon request, as far as possible and as required.

(3) The placing of private, non-commercial classified advertisements in the spaces provided for this purpose is permitted. Any advertising going beyond this is subject to approval and fees.

(4) Only Studentenwerk Dresden is permitted to operate technical facilities and equipment for the transmission of information to public effect in the facilities, including their outdoor areas. Exceptions to this rule require the prior consent of Studentenwerk Dresden.

§ 5 Commercial activities, collections

(1) Commercial activities such as the sale and any other form of distribution of goods and publications, including their distribution free of charge, as well as collections, require the prior written consent of the Executive Director of Studentenwerk Dresden or their representative.

(2) With consent, a fee is usually fixed which is due before the start of the respective activity. No legal claim exists to have consent granted.

§ 6 Meetings, events

(1) Meetings and events not organized by Studentenwerk in its facilities and their external areas may only be held with the prior written consent of the Executive Director of Studentenwerk Dresden or his representatives. No legal claim exists to have consent granted. Written consent can also be given by concluding a contract.

(2) Rooms in Studentenwerk Dresden facilities as well as their associated outdoor areas shall only be made available for use for political, religious, and other events for which there is no concrete reason to assume that the event serves illegal or unconstitutional purposes or will lead to personal injury or property damage. The application for the provision of a room or outdoor areas must therefore contain sufficiently concrete information on the organizer, topic or content, and purpose as well as any speakers scheduled for the event. The organizer must name responsible persons for each event.

(3) Any consent to use the facilities is subject to the caveat that it can be revoked at any time without compensation given good cause.

(4) Impairment of Studentenwerk Dresden activities through the above-mentioned regulated event use is to be avoided.

(5) The customary fees shall be charged for use, depending on the organizer and the intended use.

(6) Provision of facilities for use can be made dependent on proof of conclusion of an organizer's liability insurance, a security deposit, and/or the presentation of a security plan by the user.

§ 7 Safety regulations

(1) For safety reasons, exits, emergency exits, hallways, and escape routes may not be blocked by objects or improperly closed. All legal regulations relative to building security shall be observed.

(2) Change the furniture arrangement is only permitted with the consent of the Executive Director or their representative.

(3) Business premises closed to public access may only be entered by authorized Studentenwerk Dresden employees and other persons authorized to do so.

§ 8 Vehicle parking

(1) Parking bicycles and motor vehicles in the facilities and outside the facilities is only permitted in the designated areas and spaces. Parking other vehicles with the exception of baby strollers and wheelchairs is prohibited.

(2) Illegally parked vehicles of any kind may be moved or towed away at the owner's expense in order to ensure free-moving traffic.

§ 9 Measures in case of violations

In the event of a violation of the above provisions, appropriate measures may be taken—in particular removing unauthorized information media, charging expenses and damages, and imposing house bans.

§ 10 Liability

(1) All relevant statutory provisions, in particular those of the German Civil Code (German: Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch), shall apply to liability.

(2) Every user and visitor must take care of their own wardrobe and any other items in their possession. Studentenwerk Dresden is not liable for the loss of any personal belongings.

(3) Studentenwerk Dresden is not liable for damages of any kind that users or visitors inflict on each other. Studentenwerk Dresden is also not liable for damage to vehicles parked on Studentenwerk premises.

§ 11 Entry into force

These General Regulations and Guidelines shall enter into force on the day following their publication in Sächsisches Amtsblatt/Amtlicher Anzeiger.

Dresden, 13 October 2014

Martin Richter
Executive Director