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Please take note the rules and regulations of the current "Sächsische Corona-Schutz-Verordnung":

Official announcements of the Free State of Saxony

For more information, visit the website of the Free State of Saxony:

Coronavirus in Sachsen

Please also refer to the regional information and regulations at your study location:

Landeshauptstadt Dresden Tharandt Zittau Görlitz Bautzen Rothenburg

Please check our website regularly for the latest developments:

Overall view of news

On-site office hours at Studentenwerk Dresden

On-site office hours will resume at Studentenwerk Dresden beginning Monday, April 11, 2022. Please check our website for current opening hours:

Contact information and opening hours

We also ask you to note the following information from our business units:

Canteens and cafeterias

At the start of the summer semester, most of the dining halls and cafeterias are open again. Please check our website for the daily menu and the current opening hours of our dining halls.

Menu of our canteens Overview of opening hours

Please use the entire opening time for your lunch break and find out about paying with the MensaCard Emeal to avoid cash payments. Arrange for autoload for Emeal recharges to speed up checkout procedures.

Student halls and accommodation

As of Monday, 11.04.2022, office hours will again be held on site in the Housing Division.
Please check our website for the current opening hours:

Office hours and contact information for student halls

Social Counselling

Social Counseling

Social Counseling offers on-site office hours - please check our website for current hours:

Social Counseling at Studentenwerk Dresden

Note: Face-to-face video consultations are also available in the Social Counseling Center by appointment. For this purpose, we use the certified online platform of RED connect - Videosprechstunde, which was developed for the healthcare sector and guarantees securely encrypted video calls. To make an appointment, please use our appointment booking system:

Appointment booking for social counseling

Psychosocial Counseling

Psychosocial Counseling offers on-site office hours - please check our website for current hours:

Psychosocial Counseling at Studentenwerk Dresden

You can make a personal consultation appointment by e-mail. Please briefly describe your concerns and we will respond promptly with a suggested appointment time or referral if capacity is limited. Please bring proof of 3G (vaccinated, recovered, tested) with you. If a personal appearance is not possible because you do not live in Dresden and the surrounding area due to the Corona pandemic, a telephone or video consultation appointment can also be arranged.

Daycare Center Coordination

The daycare coordinator offers on-site office hours - please check our website for current hours:

Daycare Center Coordination at Studentenwerk Dresden

Legal Counseling for Students

Legal Counseling will be offering on-site office hours beginning Monday, 11/04/2022 - please check our website for current hours:

Legal Counseling at Studentenwerk Dresden

Daycare Centers „Kita SpielWerk“ and „Kita Miniforscher“

The day-care centres of the Studentenwerk are currently open in regular operation with hygiene requirements.

Daycare Center „Kita SpielWerk“ Daycare Center „Kita Miniforscher“


Student house TUSCULUM

The student house TUSCULUM can be used again - please contact the contact person at the Studentenwerk Dresden, Business Unit Communication and Culture with any questions:

Student house TUSCULUM


From 11.04.2022 the gallery can be visited again during the opening hours of the Studentenwerk Dresden: