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Garbage collection event – a Welcome tutors initiative

Every year, lots of students accept join animated invitation of our Welcome tutors to walk through their own neighborhoods and collect any garbage lying around. The event creates a sense of community in addition to being both sustainable and fun!

The aim:

Raising awareness among students for less trash in and around our residential units

Time frame:

One day every November

Resources deployed:

Residents in residence halls are invited by mail, the information is published via social media, there may be an announcement on the intranet.


Participating students are given gloves, trash grabbers, and garbage bags from building management. They then set out in pairs – another great way to get to know each other – collecting and then disposing of any trash they find. Usually the students have encountered curious spectators who wanted to know more and expressed their respect and appreciation.

Successes to date:

Direct effects can be seen above all in the reactions of the onlookers.

External partners: