World Vegan Day

The student environmental initiative TUUWI, which, through three working groups, has long been in dialog with the Studentenwerk Dresden Student Dining Services division, draws attention to the benefits of the vegan diet on World Vegan Day on November 1.

The aim:

Raising awareness among cafeteria visitors about specific sustainability issues and encouraging them to engage with their diet habits.

Time frame:

Start of the campaign on 11/1/2021 with infographics via screens and steles as well as a vegan burger on offer in all cafeterias and, in the same week, vegan hits at our cafeterias.

Resources deployed:

On existing advertising platforms including the website, cafeteria screens, and steles, event promotion and information is shared; the menus are also adapted.


Each day, the cafeteria screens show vivid comparisons of animal and plant-based diets.

The cafeteria menus are also adapted to the event for the whole week, and the website offers even more delicious vegan recipes.

Current status & outlook:

What’s more, cafeterias will continue to offer at least one vegan dish every day. New recipes will continue to be developed.
At regular intervals in 2022 and during the week of 11/1/2022, the infographics were shown on the steles in the cafeterias.
However, as an industrial-scale kitchen, substitute products are often unavailable to us, as is the case for private consumers in retail. We also require other packaging sizes. And all this against the backdrop of the general supply bottlenecks and price increases we’ve been seeing.

External partners:
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