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Corona: Information for residents of student halls

Published on Wednesday, 29.7.2020

Please note the daily updated information on the valid Corona regulations. You can find these and information on how to deal with the Corona pandemic in Dresden here, in Zittau here und in Görlitz here. We also strongly recommend that all residents of the student halls observe the protective and hygienic measures mentioned on this website and use the Corona Warning App.

Consultation hours
From August 3rd onwards, personal consultation hours will again be offered in the rental office and with the caretakers. Please wear a mask and keep your distance. Detailed information per student residence can be found here.

In order to minimize the risk of infection, no subletting in the student residences will be permitted until further notice.

If a suspected or quarantined case occurs in your environment or if you are affected yourself, please follow the rules of conduct listed here.
- Everyone must stay in his or her room.
- Clean the kitchen and bathroom frequently and thoroughly with common cleaning agents.
- Use the kitchen individually and one after the other.
- The instructions of the public health department must be followed.

If you yourself have to be in quarantine in case of illness or, as you are travelling from a risk area, you will find help with everyday things, such as groceries, via the following links:

•    Team Sachsen
•    Nebenan
•    QuarantäneHeld*innen
•    Corona-Hilfswerk
•    Malteser Corona-Hilfe
You can contact the Studentenwerk Dresden for social or psychosocial counseling and legal advice.