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Stuwertinum Ivo Krys - Eminus

Exhibition "EMINUS" in the STUWERTINUM Gallery - currently only viewable online

Published on Tuesday, 5.1.2021

From January 22 to March 8, the STUWERTINUM Gallery presents the exhibition "EMINUS" by Ivo Krys.

"It is the self-remoteness. The letting go of oneself. The distance to the self. The question of the way-being. The answer to self-centeredness."

The works of Ivo Krys are about closeness and distance from the self, as well as the truth of the suffering that surrounds us.

"Enduring the distance! Accepting closeness! Overcoming closeness and distance, in a perpetual circle of being and becoming. To put oneself again and again into a new flow, but not to come from the spot. So this is the point one carries when one moves. So this is the point of distance that one wants to reach without ever really having known it. Resolution in the near. Renewal in the distance." 

Ivo Krys moved to Dresden in 2006 to train as a graphic designer. From 2014 to 2019, he studied at the HfbK. Currently, he is studying art history at the TU.

The exhibition only can be seen online at the moment: