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DSW Plakatwettbewerb 33

Poster exhibition in the online gallery: "#nextgeneration: Study of the future".

Published on Friday, 5.3.2021

Until April 14, the STUWERTINUM gallery is showing online the 33rd poster exhibition of the DSW on the topic "#nextgeneration: studying of the future".

With its 33rd poster competition, the umbrella organization of the German Student Services (DSW) asked how students today imagine the future of studying.
How far will digitalization go? What will academic teaching and learning look like in 2050? What visions, what images and what dreams do students have today?

243 design students from 34 universities took part in the competition, creating a total of 502 poster motifs.

The award ceremony took place back in June 2019 at the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin. The winner was Valentin Schlitt from the KISD (Köln International School of Design at the TH Köln). Two second places - each honored with 2,000 euros - went to Nadège Jankowicz (Augsburg University of Applied Sciences) and Franziska Brenner (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart). Three third prizes of 1,000 euros each went to Sulamith Gutwein (Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences Georg Simon Ohm), Sophia Hölz (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences) and Lisa Klimesch (Augsburg University of Applied Sciences). A total of 10,000 euros in prize money was awarded to the winners.

The posters of the prize winners as well as other selected participants can be viewed until April 14 in the STUWERTINUM gallery (online only, of course).