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DSW 100 Jahre

100th foundation day of Deutsches Studentenwerk

Published on Friday, 19.2.2021

On February 19, 1921, the "Wirtschaftshilfe der Deutschen Studentenschaft e.V." was founded in Tübingen.

As an umbrella organization of the "student help" previously founded from 1919 onwards in Dresden, Bonn or Munich, among other places, and supported by students and teachers, the Wirtschaftshilfe, with its headquarters in Dresden, was the immediate predecessor organization of the Deutsches Studentenwerk, which was then called this from 1929 onwards. In view of the coronavirus pandemic and the difficult situation of both students and the Studentenwerk, Deutsches Studentenwerk is not planning any major celebrations of its founding 100 years ago this year for the time being.

To mark its founding 100 years ago,  Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW), the association of 57 Studentenwerke, is presenting the first historical monograph on the National Socialist "Reichsstudentenwerk".

Historische Fotoaufnahme einer Arbeitsbesprechung der Wirtschaftskörper
Foto: DSW