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Überbrückungshilfe allgemein

BMBF-Financial Aid for students in pandemic emergency situations

Published on Saturday, 1.5.2021

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is again helping students in pandemic emergency situations with financial aid.
Please submit applications for May now!

The financial aid can only be applied for 
Please make sure to upload your documents completely.

The most important questions about the interim financial aid for students: FAQs

Please submit your application for the month of May 2021 by May 31.
A follow-up application must be submitted for each additional month.

BMBF-Hotline for Überbrückungshilfe
Phone: +49(0)800 26 23 003
Service hours of the hotline: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm, Friday from 8 am to 12 noon.

Questions about the interim financial aid for students via e-mail will also be answered by the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW):

Contact for questions regarding your application:
Please do not submit any documents here, they cannot be considered for the application!

Dear Students,

Please follow these instructions for applying for "Überbrückungshilfe" 
(interim financial aid for students) so that the money you urgently need will reach you as quickly as possible:

  1. Please read the Guidelines for Applying for interim financial aid for students in Pandemic Emergencies carefully before applying: Be sure to review all documents for timeliness and completeness before submitting - this will help you avoid having your application denied or unnecessary additional requests.
  2. Your information and all documents are to be posted exclusively on the Überbrückungshilfe-Portal. Please do not send us any documents by e-mail!  
  3. It is important to explain your situation as well as attached documents in detail (e.g. account movements that are not self-explanatory). In this way, you avoid that the processors have to inquire first.
  4. It must be proven that it is a corona-related hardship, which has arisen, for example, because a job has fallen away, applications have been rejected and/or parents can no longer guarantee the previous financial support due to corona-related financial shortfalls. A loss of the corresponding income must be proven by means of suitable documents (if necessary with additional explanation). 
  5. Please send documents/account statements as PDF files if possible and ensure good readability.