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Umfrage Internationales

Evaluation of the survey on our international offerings

Published on Wednesday, 1.9.2021

The Studentenwerk has set itself the task of providing as many appealing offers as possible for German and international students.
The aim is to support the exchange between all students and to make the start in the host country as pleasant as possible for international students.
In June, a survey was conducted on the international services offered by the Studentenwerk Dresden. The aim of the survey was to find out how well known these offers are, whether they are used and what else students would like to see from the Studentenwerk.

A total of almost 1,000 questionnaires could be evaluated. Of these, 796 were completed by German students and 148 by international students.
Here you can find the most important results:

"Our offerings may not be as well known, but fortunately they are popular."

A fact is that our international offerings are not sufficiently well known among students overall. While offers such as the "International Coffee Hour" or "Meet & Eat" in the canteen Alte Mensa are rather well known, for example, only just about 7% of the respondents knew about the "Find International Friends" program or just about 11 % that we sponsor student projects. "Our offerings may not be as well known, but fortunately they are popular.", says Matthieu Anatrella, coordinator of the International Affairs Department.

On a positive note, respondents who are familiar with our offerings and have already participated in them rate them as "good": "An absolutely great exchange in all areas! The best time of my studies!", writes a student about the Beyond Borders program - which is an intercultural exchange program with Florida. 
Fortunately, our tutoring programs (e.g. Welcome Tutors or WOMIKO Tutors) are somewhat better known, especially among international students, but also among German students. There, too, the satisfaction is very high. 

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"More information requested."

This wish comes up very often. We will therefore intensify our public relations work in the future in order to increase awareness of our international offerings. In addition to the Studentenwerk website (17%), many respondents also receive information via notices/posters (15%) or via our newsletter (12%). It is interesting to note that on the one hand, only 7% of the survey participants stated that they get information about our offers via social media, but on the other hand, 42% of the respondents state that they would like to receive more information via Instagram. This shows us that we need to make our Instagram channel better known.

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What do students want?

We asked which activities in the canteens the students would participate in: 47% would take part in country-specific cooking weeks, 20% would participate in the development of new recipes, and 19% would help organize special event weeks. In addition, topics such as more regional, vegetarian or vegan food offerings in the canteens and more transparency regarding the origin of the products used were repeatedly suggested. 
In the cultural area, the desire for more excursions to exciting places in the area surrounding Dresden was repeatedly expressed.
In addition, some survey participants expect more support for international students. At this point, we will check which of the already existing offers are possibly too unknown or can be expanded.

We would like to thank all participants for their valuable opinions and suggestions.

Our future task is clear: We have to work on the awareness of our offers in order to reach even more students and do our very best to further tailor and improve our offers to their needs!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us: