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Relevo Aktion Jetzt in der Alten Mensa

Multi-use instead of throw-away tableware: pilot project starts in "Alte Mensa"

Published on Monday, 27.9.2021

On October 4, the pilot project starts, with which Studentenwerk Dresden wants to set an example for more sustainability on campus.

It is important to us to make a contribution to avoid mountains of waste from single use packaging. That's why we've decided to go for reusable instead of disposable! The company Relevo, which offers a deposit-free reusable solution, will provide the tableware.
The test phase with the reusable tableware will begin in the Alte Mensa and if the test run is successful, all other canteens will follow during the winter semester 2021/22.

How does the Relevo system work?
Using the reusable to-go system is very simple: you first download the Relevo app to your smartphone and create a user account in the app. It's best to do this in advance, before you go to the canteen. You can already download the Relevo app to your smartphone now.

Note: Please make sure that Relevo dishes are clean if you return them after several days - otherwise they will develop harmful mold spores that are difficult to clean.

By the way: If you don't want to take your smartphone with you to the canteen, or if you don't have one, you can simply have the food served on your plate and then transfer it to the box you brought with you - the important thing is that we avoid any more throw-away dishes.