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Tutoring programs of Studentenwerk Dresden

Welcome Tutors

Photo of a hiking trip in Saxon Switzerland

The program is an assistance offer for students from abroad: Welcome tutors from various countries, who study in Dresden and live in one of our residence halls, support newly arrived international students during their start at the university. They are available as contact persons for all questions concerning studies, help with finding one's way around the city or with filling out the necessary documents (e.g. registration at the Einwohnermeldeamt (Residents' Registration Office), opening a bank account, etc.) and much more.

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Logo: WOMIKO - Wohnen mit Kommilitonen

The program WOMIKO- "Wohnen mit Kommilitonen" (Living with fellow students) has been in existence since 2009 and is open to all students, but primarily to first-year students. Individual student residences are assigned to specific faculties or universities. This allows (new) students to get to know their fellow students in the residence hall instead of in the lecture hall. This is useful at the start of your studies and, if you are interested, can help you network throughout your studies.

The offer is optional: when applying for a place in a student residence, everyone can choose whether they want to use WOMIKO.

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Sports and Music Tutors

In our student residences with sports or fitness rooms or music rehearsal rooms, tutors take care of their administration (e.g. handing out keys; organizing reservation).

The fitness rooms are equipped with various sports equipment. Our tutors can also assist you in the optimal use of the equipment.

All music rooms are soundproofed and some are equipped with inventory (e.g. pianos or grand pianos).

It is best to check with your local contacts to find out which rooms are currently available for free use.

Garden Tutors

Since 2020, raised beds have been created on the associated green spaces at some student residences. Student garden tutors, who live in the student residences themselves, take care of these raised beds together with their team and organize joint cooking evenings or similar events from time to time. The first raised beds were built for the student residences Güntzstraße 22 and Marschnerstraße 31.

Collage from several pictures of the raised beds

ICH Tutors

Photo of ICH event with students chatting
The "International Coffee Hour" (ICH) has been a popular meeting place for German and foreign students since 2004. Two student tutors organize the program of the events that take place weekly during lecture periods in the Studentenwerks-Forum. All guests have the opportunity (always on Wednesdays 5-7 p.m.) to meet new people and learn more about other cultures while having some drinks and snacks for free. More about ICH

FIF Tutors

Logo of FIF with a winking fox and the saying 'Sei pFIFfig' (Be smart)

The Find International Friends (FIF) program is open to German and international students. The FIF tutors arrange tandem partners free of charge for joint activities, to brush up on foreign languages or to get to know another culture.

International guests are supported by the FIF program to establish friendships with Dresden students. In this way, both sides can learn and benefit from each other.

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Social Buddy Tutors

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In the Social Buddy program, student tutors help students in need of support. The program primarily targets students with disabilities or chronic illnesses who, for example, need help orienting themselves in their living environment, accompanying them to appointments, or other assistance in the context of their studies.

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Do you have questions about our tutoring programs or would you like to become a tutor yourself? Please feel free to contact us!