Any questions?

At first please read the notes on the left and the questions and answers (FAQ) regarding student accomodation.

For further questions for application in

Dresden:0351 4697-627
Zittau:03583 6881-58
Görlitz:03581 406388

First application for student accommodation in Dresden, Tharandt, Zittau or Görlitz

Please note: If your are already living in one of our student halls and want to move to another hall, please request a removal.

Before starting the application for student accomodation, please note the following:

  1. Please inform yourself about our student halls by reading all relevant information on our website.
  2. Please check the questions and answers (FAQ) and our General Terms of Tenancy Agreement
  3. German applicants and applicants from abroad, who already have a permanent residence in Germany, need their bank connection (including "EC-Karte", IBAN and BIC) for the application. Please check your account statement or ask your bank, if you don’t know this information. It is important to print out the form for bank collection authorization and bring it with you when you come to the Studentenwerk to conclude your tenancy contract. (Do not send it by email or mail!). Applicants from abroad, who do not have a permanent residence in Germany, can submit their application without the bank connection. They can hand in their bank connection a couple of days after their arrival, when they have opened a German bank account.
  4. In order to finalize your application you have to upload your residence authorization certificate as PDF-file (max. file size is 1 MByte). This residence authorization certificate might be:
    • for university candidates: admission letter/official letter of acceptance ("Zulassungsbescheid"), except for canditates with german Abitur for restriction free courses of studies at the TU Dresden: "Certificate of residence authorisation" (printable after your successful online inscription; last page of the document)
    • for already matriculated students: the matriculation certificate of the current semester plus a copy of the deposit receipt confirming your payment of the semester fee for the semester of the desired beginning of the tenancy contract term.
  5. In case you have reasons for preferential acceptance in a residence hall like severe illness or disability, you have to upload a copy of the respective medical certificate or your certificate of disability as PDF-file (max. file size is 1 MByte)
  6. Only one application per person is allowed.
    If you submit more than one application, only the first will be processed.
  7. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted or processed.
  8. After you have submitted your online application successfully, you will receive an automatic delivery notice. You will then receive further information within two weeks after you have submitted all required documents. Except the move-in months of September. October, November, the allocation will principally take place two months before your desired date of move-in. The allocation for the months of September, October, November will be published not sooner than 5 weeks before the desired date of move-in. You will receive the information about acceptance or declining of student accommodation, as well as a placement on our waitlist via e-mail. This e-mail will include all necessary information.

    Please note: Always check you other e-mail folders (e.g. spam, unknown sender). Please note that the e-mail addresses of our staff in charge consist of the following items: prename.surname@... Sometimes e-mails with an unknown sender will be delivered into the spam folder. In case you have not received any notice within a reasonable period of time, please call us (+49 (0)351 4697-615).