User Regulations for Student Housing of Studentenwerk Dresden (Dresden Student Services)

dated 2 March 2017


This is NOT a legal document: it simply serves as a guideline to the Benutzungsordnung document in German, which is the official language in any legal dispute.

Pursuant to § 111 par. 3 sentence 1 no. 2 of the Freedom of Institutions of Higher Education in the Free State of Saxony Act (German: Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz – SächsHSFG), revised on 29.4.2015 (SächsGVBl. p. 349), the board of directors of Studentenwerk Dresden has issued the following user regulations on 2.3.2017:

§ 1 Scope

(1) These user regulations apply to all student housing of Studentenwerk Dresden.

(2) For the purposes of these regulations, student housing refers to all student housing options provided by Studentenwerk Dresden pursuant to §§ 1 and 2 of the Studentenwerk basic order.

(3) In all other respects, the general use regulations for establishments, services and events of Studentenwerk Dresden apply in their respective valid versions.

§ 2 Eligibility for residence

(1) Students enrolled at the following institutions are eligible for residence in student housing under the supervision of Studentenwerk Dresden:

  • Technische Universität Dresden
  • Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden
  • Hochschule für Musik „Carl Maria von Weber“ Dresden
  • Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
  • Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden
  • Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz
  • Berufsakademie Sachsen, Staatliche Studienakademie Dresden

Students who pay the applicable student services fee as per the Studentenwerk Dresden fee regulations at the respective student housing site will be given priority.

(2) Students from other educational institutions are also eligible for residence if and when arranged with Studentenwerk Dresden.

(3) Rental to married couples/domestic partnerships where only one partner possesses residence eligibility pursuant to Par. 1 or Par. 2 is possible if and when the couple has at least one child under the age of 7.

(4) If the number of available housing units is not fully rented to eligible parties pursuant to par. 1 to 3, free units may be temporarily rented to other persons until the next 30 September.

§ 3 Occupancy

(1) Occupancy terms are limited to the end of the standard study period of a first degree program. A first degree program for the purposes of these user regulations is the first course of study began after earning university entrance qualification. An application for extension can be made if and when the preconditions as per § 2 par. 1 or 2 are met and the housing needs of eligible students still within the standard study period and especially those in the first year of their first degree program are guaranteed.

(2) Occupancy terms may be extended for housing tutors and network administrators. The same applies to students who have been demonstrably active in student self-government bodies and/or demonstrably and not only temporarily involved in the organization of leisure activities for a large number of students.

(3) Occupancy terms as per § 3 par. 1 above may be extended for an appropriate period on application if demonstrably necessary due to an impairment, a pregnancy or the care and upbringing of a child to the age of 7 or due to other serious reasons.

(4) The maximum occupancy term is limited to 10 years in all cases.

§ 4 Application

(1) All applications for housing units must be made online on the current website of Studentenwerk Dresden.

(2) All applicants must include proof of eligibility in the form of a proof of admission; for open-admission degree programs applicants must provide proof of application or an enrolment certificate for the semester in which the rental contract shall begin.

(3) The applicant may freely designate the month in which the rental contracts shall begin – contracts begin on the first of the month.

§ 5 Placement

(1) Studentenwerk Dresden makes placement decisions based on the application at hand as per § 4. The following criteria apply:

  • Temporal proximity of the complete application with regard to all required verifications per § 4 par. 2
  • Occupancy wishes according to application

(2) The following persons will be given priority in the placement process:

  • New students according to § 3 par. 1 sentence 2 of these user regulations
  • Foreign students who are placed at a disadvantage on the free housing market
  • Single parents with child(ren)
  • Physically impaired and chronically ill students whose situation would be alleviated by residence in Studentenwerk housing

(3) The ratio of students from individual institutions will be considered in the placement process.

(4) Placement decisions may be immediately revoked if proven to have been made based on false information. Existing rental contracts may be terminated without notice in such cases.

§ 6 Studentenwerk Dresden moving offer

(1) To prevent terminations, Studentenwerk Dresden may offer the renter either in writing or electronically to move to another room/housing unit in the building pursuant to the rental contract or to another housing hall if in the interest of Studentenwerk Dresden. Legitimate interests may include:

  • Closure of the rental object, e.g. for reasons of hygiene or due to a directive of a public authority
  • Abandonment by Studentenwerk Dresden of management of the property containing the housing unit
  • Maintenance, renovation, repair or pest control measures that temporarily restrict or exclude use of the housing unit
  • General overhaul of the housing property that results in the cancellation of the basis of the rental transaction due to alterations of the property and/or capacity and/or increased rent. In this case, the renter has no claim to re-entry into the overhauled housing property

A moving offer may be made from Tharandt to Dresden. Moves as per the above conditions have priority over placement pursuant to § 5 par. 2.

(2) Moving offers may be made for a set period where this results in the stated goal being reached.

§ 7 Student participation

(1) Tutors may be appointed to support housing management and to improve the quality of living. Tutors shall act as go-to persons and arbiters between students and Studentenwerk. They shall also assist in improving housing satisfaction. Tutors assume special responsibilities such as supervision of athletics, music and other leisure activities/facilities or in connection with placement based on field of study.

(2) Tutors may be especially appointed to support foreign students in housing facilities. They shall be go-to persons for any social issues foreign students may face and shall provide support on moving day as well as assist in integration into the housing environment.

§ 8 Special forms of renting

(1) In Dresden, Zittau and Görlitz, Studentenwerk manages guest lodging facilities for a occupancy term of up to 4 months. These housing units are intended for students from all nations who Studentwerk is responsible for and especially who are present for a study program with a temporary stay at the respective location (Berufsakademie), a correspondence course, a Kurzzeitstudium (short-term study program) or an internship.

(2) These housing units will be rented out in the order the applications are received. In the case of especially important projects, university events and further educational and/or research institutions, housing needs may be treated with priority.

(3) §§ 1 to 5 of the present regulations do not apply to the special forms of renting mentioned in par. 1.

§ 9 Effective date

These user regulations shall come into effect on the day of their publication in Sächsisches Amtsblatt/Amtlicher Anzeiger. Simultaneously, the User Regulations for Student Housing of Studentenwerk Dresden, dated 02.02.2010, shall be voided.

Dresden, 2 March 2017
Martin Richter