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What is meant by removal allowance and second residence property tax?

Important note!

Update from Mar., 9th, 2020

The state capital Dresden, Finance, Personnel and Legal Affairs Division, Policy, Grants and Foundations Department, informed us on 9 March 2020:
"Until the final (internal) clarification of the further procedure according to the decision of the city council, it should remain with the current procedural regulation that the applications from you (the Studentenwerk a.d.R.) will not be accepted for processing."

Please direct any inquiries to the state capital.

Update from Jan., 31st, 2020

The town council didn’t pass a resolution regarding the Removal allowance on Jan., 30th, 2020. The draft resolution was given back to the finance committee for further processing.

The State Capital Dresden, Department of Finances, Staff and Law, Division Principle, Allowances and Foundations told us regarding that:

„The directive is still no sufficient basis for the further payment of the Removal allowance. That’s why applications cannot be accepted.“

That is coordinated with the Bureau of Law of the State Capital Dresden.

In case of requests please contact the State Capital Dresden.

The state capital Dresden has so far paid a relocation allowance to students who study in Dresden and have therefore moved their main residence from outside to Dresden for the first time. It is planned to discontinue the relocation allowance for students. The state capital Dresden will submit a proposal to the city council. It is very likely that the city council will decide on the abolition on 30 January 2020.

The Studentenwerk therefore does not accept applications for relocation allowances.

Please follow the publications in the media and on the websites of the state capital Dresden and the Studentenwerk.

Depending on whether you occupy your room as principal or secondary residence either of these cases might apply to you. For detailed information please click here: or visit the Dresden website: