Your Position:

I would like to live together with my girl-/boyfiend in a student hall. What are we supposed to do to make sure that we will be allocated a room in the same hall?

Each one of you has to fill in the application form and has to put down the name of the person he/she wants to live with where indicated. To take your request into account it is mandatory that we receive both applications at the same day. This can be difficult if one of you has not yet obtained authorization for residency in a student hall as is often the case if one has chosen a course of study with admission restriction while the other one has decided for a course of study without restriction on admission.

If this is the case you have two options:
  1. Both applicants wait until both have obtained authorization and together hand in their application documents. However, there is the possibility that the one with the previous authorization can not get a room, as he is thus applying "too late".
  2. (better option) Both apply separately for a room in a student hall which means that both send their documents immediately after having obtained residency authorization. After a month both can together apply for removal which in most cases can soon be made possible.