House rules

House rules for the Studentenwerk Dresden's halls of residence, a public institution

June 2021
(Difference to version 07/19: omission of the naming of the CEO)

The house rules are part of the rental contract. This document is given to the tenant along with the rental contract; the tenant's signature on this document obliges his/her compliance with the house rules. Considerate behavior toward other residents forms the basis of a peaceful cohabitation in student residence halls. The house rules set forth rules of conduct for living in student residence halls that serve to establish an atmosphere conducive to studying.


This is NOT a legal document: it simply serves as a guideline to the Hausordnung document in German, which is the official language in any legal dispute.

The following rules apply:

  1. Only persons with a valid rental contract are permitted to live in a student residence hall.
  2. Fire safety in residence halls is an important requirement. The tenant is obliged to inform him-/herself on fire safety measures, the posted fire safety regulations, escape routes and emergency signals, and to behave in such a way as to prevent fires. Fire safety equipment may not be damaged or impaired in any way. Improper use of fire extinguishers is prohibited. Keep all escape routes free at all times.
  3. Each tenant is obliged to take care of the rental object entrusted to him/her, to use the rental object for its intended purpose only and to shield it against loss, damage or dirtying. This also applies to any provided technical devices. The rental object and any used rooms, especially bathroom, kitchen and hallway, must be cleaned regularly at least once a week; in shared apartments, cleaning schedules may need to be made. Refrigerators must be cleaned regularly and de-iced at least once a month. Stoves (and ovens), washing machines and dryers in the central washing machine room must be cleaned immediately after use (remove any spilled detergent!).Each tenant is obliged to use water, electricity and heaters in student residence halls economically. In the winter months, the tenant must close the window when leaving the room. Turn off all lights and electrical devices.
  4. Without the consent of Studentenwerk, it is generally prohibited to remove furniture from and add any additional furniture to the rented premises. In cases where Studentenwerk has approved the addition of own furniture or other furnishings, these must be removed from the residence hall at the latest when the contract expires. If the tenant fails to observe this responsibility, Studentenwerk will remove such furniture at the tenant’s expense.
  5. The tenant is responsible for payment of broadcast license fees as well as registering their place of residence, giving notice of departure and providing changes of address as per Saxony law.
  6. Installing outdoor antennas and satellites is not allowed.
  7. Structural and constructional changes as well as interference into safety and utility installations (e.g. locking systems, gas, water and sanitary facilities, electrical network) are not permitted.
    All electrical devices used by the tenant must carry the CE conformity mark of the EU.
  8. Setting up and operating hotplates, washing machines, spin dryers, electrical dryers, refrigerators and electrical heat sources of any type as well as IT hardware with a nominal rating in excess of 500 W per occupant is prohibited. Exceptions require the written express consent of Studentenwerk.
  9. Noise must be avoided. All noise emissions especially through audio playback using technical devices must be at moderate levels. Special consideration must be given between the hours of 10 PM and 8 AM.
  10. Shared kitchens and hallways (escape routes) may not be used for parties or celebrations.
  11. Keeping pets is generally prohibited.
  12. Notify the facility manager immediately of any necessary repairs or defects. In the event of accidents or loss of keys, notify Studentenwerk directly by phone. The emergency number is available outside the facility manager’s working hours (see the posted notice in your residence hall or information provided on the website of Studentenwerk).
  13. Notify the facility manager immediately in the event of a pest infestation.
  14. Room renovations may only be carried out by the tenant following consultation and approval by the facility manager. In such cases, Studentenwerk will supply tools and cover material costs to a reasonable extent.
  15. Keep the provided residence hall keys in a safe place. Notify the facility manager immediately in the event of loss of keys or lock failure. Unauthorized copying of keys as well as the installation, modification or removal of locks is prohibited. Do not give the building keys to third parties. Keep the building doors closed at all times.
  16. The tenant may entertain guests in his/her personal presence. Due to the appropriation of living space, the tenant must notify Studentenwerk in the event of any accommodation for longer than a week of persons without a rental contract.
  17. The building mailbox will be labeled with the appropriate room number by the facility manager. The tenant is responsible to affix a nameplate to the building mailbox.
  18. Vehicles may only be parked on the provided parking spaces. Vehicles parked in violation – especially where violations obstruct access for supply and disposal or emergency vehicles – may be towed at the owner’s expense.
    Studentenwerk cannot guarantee vehicle safety.
  19. Bicycles may be parked exclusively in the provided spaces or in the bicycle rooms.
    Parking bikes on residence hall traffic areas (corridors, hallways, stairwells, etc.) is not permitted in living spaces. Bicycles parked in violation may be removed by the facility manager. Studentenwerk accepts no liability for bicycle safety.
  20. Placing objects, furniture or the like in hallways, stairwells, elevators, shared rooms, etc. is not permitted.
    It is also prohibited to hang posters, wall decorations, etc. in these areas, where there are no special surfaces provided for such purposes. Hanging flags, banners, flower boxes, etc. on windows, balconies and the building front is not permitted. Common curtains or blinds may be used for light screening and privacy purposes at rental object windows. The use of materials such as newspaper, silver films, etc. leads to stress cracks in the sun and is prohibited.
    It is not permitted to put any kind of objects, furniture etc. in the corridors, stairwells, lifts or communal rooms etc. It is also not permitted to put up posters, decorations in these areas unless there are intended places for this. It is not permitted to place flags, transparencies, flower boxes or similar on the windows, balconies or facades. Normal curtains or roller blinds are to be used for the light and visual protection on the windows of the rented property. The use of materials such as newspaper paper, silver foil, etc. leads to thermal stress cracking when exposed to sunlight and is to be omitted.
  21. Studentenwerk is dedicated to reducing waste costs and thus offers opportunities for separating waste. The tenant expressly commits to separate waste as far as made available. This includes the use of municipal disposal bins for glass, paper and cardboard. For information on waste separation and the location of disposal bins, please see the facility manager.
  22. Grilling is permitted only with the consent of Studentenwerk, only at the provided grilling areas and only until 10 PM. Leave the grilling areas clean.
  23. Any residence hall-specific addenda to the house rules will be posted by Studentenwerk. These regulations must also be kept.
  24. Violations against the house rules, especially disturbing the peace, can lead to warnings, claims for damages and termination of the rental contract.

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