House rules

House rules for the Studentenwerk Dresden's halls of residence, a public institution

May 2017

The house rules are an integral part of the tenancy agreement. They are handed out to the tenant with the agreement and are to be signed and adhered to. Living together with others in student accommodation is only possible with due consideration to others. The house rules summarise these rules of conduct in student accommodation leading to an atmosphere suitable for study.


This is NOT a legal document: it simply serves as a guideline to the Hausordnung document in German, which is the official language in any legal dispute.

The following rules are to be adhered to:

  1. Living in halls is only allowed with a valid tenancy agreement.
  2. Fire protection in the halls is a very important requirement. The tenant is required to inform him-/ herself after moving in, about the fire precautions, fire exits and where the fire alarms are to be found. He/ she has to keep to these regulations so as to prevent the danger of fire. Fire protection equipment must not be damaged in any way. The abuse of fire extinguishers is forbidden.
  3. Each tenant is obliged to look after the assigned accommodation unit, to use it only for the purpose intended and to safeguard against any loss, damage or contamination. This also applies to any technical appliances. The rented property as well as the shared rooms, in particular bathroom, kitchen and hall, are to be cleaned regularly at least once a week, in shared flats cleaning schedules may have to be made for this purpose. The fridges are to be regularly cleaned and to be defrosted every 4 weeks. Cookers, washing machines and dryers are to be cleaned immediately after use (remove left-over washing powder!). Each tenant is obliged to use water, electricity and heating economically in the halls. In the winter months the windows should be closed when leaving the room.
  4. Furniture and fixtures may not be removed without the expressed permission of the lessor neither may any be added. If the SWD gives permission for private furnishings or other equipment they have to be removed at the end of the tenancy. If this does not take place they will be removed by the SWD at the tenant's expense.
  5. The tenant is responsible for the payment of the broadcasting contribution as well as the registration, removal or re-registration of the place of residence in accordance with the Saxon Law on Reporting.
  6. The setting up of outside aerials or satellite dishes is forbidden.
  7. The tenant does not have the right to carry out any structural changes or any changes to the installations (e.g.locking systems, gas, water and sanitary or the data network). All electrical equipment used by the tenant must conform to the EU CE certification mark.
  8. The tenant may not set up his/ her own cooking facilities, washing machine, spin dryer, dryer, fridge or heater of any kind. For exemptions the tenant must apply in writing to the Studentenwerk.
  9. Excessive noise is to be avoided. Stereo appliances are to be set at room volume. Be considerate of others especially at the following times: from 10 pm to 8 am.
  10. The shared kitchens and corridors (fire escape routes) may not be used for parties or celebrations.
  11. The keeping of pets is forbidden.
  12. The tenant should inform the caretaker/ janitor immediately in writing (in his/ her letterbox) of any necessary repairs or defects. In serious cases including loss of keys the SWD should be informed by phone. Outside the caretaker's/ janitor's office hours there is an emergency call-out service (for telephone number see the notice board in the halls).
  13. Pests of any sort are to be reported to the caretaker/ janitor.
  14. Redecorating of a room is permissible with the express permission of the caretaker/ janitor. The Studentwerk will supply necessary equipment and may take over some or all of the costs.
  15. Keys that are handed out are to be looked after. Loss of keys and damage to locks are to be reported immediately to the caretaker. The making of duplicate keys, the putting in of new locks or damage to them is strictly forbidden. Hall keys may not be passed on to non-residents. The main doors of the halls are to remain locked.
  16. The caretaker is responsible for allocating letterboxes to the appropriate room numbers. The tenant is responsible for identifying the letterbox with his/ her name.
  17. Vehicles are only to be parked in the allocated areas. Any violations especially if entrances or exits are blocked for deliveries, waste disposal collectors or the emergency services will mean that the vehicles will be removed at the owner's expense. The Studentenwerk does not accept liability for the vehicles.
  18. Bicycles are only to be put in the areas intended for them or the cycle rooms. Parking them in the communal areas of the halls (corridors, entrance halls, stairwells etc.) is not permitted. In the case of any violations they may be removed by the caretaker. The Studentenwerk does not accept liability for the bicycles.
  19. It is not permitted to put any kind of objects, furniture etc. in the corridors, stairwells, lifts or communal rooms etc. It is also not permitted to put up posters, decorations in these areas unless there are intended places for this. It is not permitted to place flags, transparencies, flower boxes or similar on the windows, balconies or facades. Normal curtains or roller blinds are to be used for the light and visual protection on the windows of the rented property. The use of materials such as newspaper paper, silver foil, etc. is to be omitted.
  20. The SWD aims to reduce waste costs and therefore there are dustbins for separating the refuse. The tenant is obliged to separate his/ her waste. The various bins and containers for glass (white, green and brown), newspapers & magazines and other paper provided by the city services are to be used. The janitor/ caretaker can give you more information regarding this.
  21. Barbecuing is only permitted with permission of the Studentenwerk, only on the existing barbecue places and only until 22:00. The barbecue places are clean to leave.
  22. Each individual hall may have its own amendments and/ or additions which are displayed by the Studentenwerk on the notice boards. These rules are also to be adhered to.
  23. Any breaches of the house rules can lead to caution and/ or then to notice to quit.

Chief executive officer