Moving to another student hall/room


Move requests can currently only be submitted via email.

If you would like to move to a different room or hall, please email the contact for student accommodation in charge of your current residence hall:

Student Hall Catalog (→ Your residence hall → Contact persons)

Upon receipt of your email, you will receive further information from your case manager.

If you intend to move within our student halls, first of all, come to a decision concerning the questions which student hall and which housing type you prefer.

To request removal you may contact the person responsible for the student hall you are currently living in after at least a month of tenancy. She will provide you with the respective application form (not available on our homepage). Please submit the completed form to the person responsible for the student hall you wish to move to. You will than be already offered different available rooms or you will be informed about the expected waiting period. In this case you will be put on the waitinglist. Information about your position on the waitinglist is available at any time on our homepage. You will be informed as soon as we can offer you a room.

In order to move on the first of the month the request must have been allowed until the 15th day of the month before. It is not necessary to terminate the tenancy agreement. The Studentenwerk charges a fee of 10 Euros for a tenancy changeover within a student hall and a fee of 20 Euros for moving from one student hall to another. Sometimes a supplementary payment or repayment of the deposit becomes necessary.

AMB: § 7 Moving
(2) A tenancy changeover requires a written request by the tenant. The respective completed application form needs to be submitted to the Studentenwerk. According to the table of fees of the Studentenwerk administrative fees will be charged. Moving without authority is regarded as an act contrary to contract.

Please note that a tenancy changeover is usually not possible in the period from 15 August 31 October. This is when preparations are being made for the weeks before the winter semester when students normally arrive to occupy their student hall rooms. During that period application forms will not be handed out and will neither be accepted nor processed. Tenants will be informed when moving is impossible via notice posted in the student halls.

Overview: Contact persons (department of accommodation)