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Subletting in the student hall - Subletting exchange online

Residents who aren't in Dresden for a longer period time (one semester maximum) and do not wish to terminate their lease, can sublet their room to another student during that period. The subtenant can be a student who is not matriculated at a university in Dresden. The status as a student though is obligatory and the subtenant has to prove their student status by presenting their student identity card.

The subletting agreement has to be approved by the responsible administrator in any case before any contract is signed. Please contact your administrator via e-mail; she will also have the necessary form for you (not available on the website). By signing the contract, the subtenant affirms their knowledge of the General Terms of Renting of the Studentenwerk and that they will follow them and the house rules.

The main tenant will still be charged for the rent during the time of the subletting. You should have a signed subletting contract with the subtenant for your own safety. The contract should fix the important details like period of time, payment of rent and termination of the lease. If necessary, the main tenant (not the Studentenwerk) must provide an official document called "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung".

The corresponding offers and requests can be posted, searched and shown free of charge here.

No sublease can be approved for tenants with leases of 12 months or less.