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Extension of the tenancy agreement

The General Terms of the Tenancy Agreement provide the following rules concerning occupancy under point 3:

§ 3 Duration of tenancy

(1) Eligibility for accommodation is generally limited until the end of the regular period of study. Lease extension is possible upon application, provided that all conditions according to article 1, paragraph 1 or 2 are met and the demand for accommodation of students within the regular period of study, particularly first-year students is covered.

Students who wish to extend the occupancy date have to apply in writing three months before the tenancy agreement expires. Please contact the respective person in charge. Submit an informal application or use the application form below:

Download application form to request extension of occupancy as PDF Overview: Contact persons (department of accommodation)

AMB §11 Duration and termination of the tenancy agreement
(3) In well-founded circumstances the tenancy agreement can be extended according to the General Terms of Use. A respective application has to be submitted to the Studentenwerk Dresden at latest three months before the tenancy agreement expires. Please give reasons for the extension of the tenancy agreement (certificates required) and clearly indicate for how long you wish to extend the agreement.

Upon good cause shown the extension of the tenancy agreement for a summer semester is usually unproblematic. As we can never meet the housing demand of all first-year students at the beginning of a winter semester the extension of a tenancy agreement beyond the regular period of study for a winter semester is rather unlikely. Since every decision is a single-case decision it is nevertheless always advisable to request extension of the tenancy agreement (please dont forget to give reasons for the request academic progress report ) anyway.