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Exhibition "Sehnsucht nach Sommer" by Viaraya in the gallery STUWERTINUM

From July 8 to September 13, the STUWERTINUM gallery presents the exhibition "Sehnsucht nach Sommer" (Longing for Summer) by Chilean artist Viaraya.

Kochshow in der Alten Mensa

In der größten Dresdner Mensa wird gekocht - und zwar einfache, leckere Gerichte, die sich ohne viel Aufwand in jeder Studenten-WG nachkochen lassen!

Freie Plätze in der Kita Miniforscher

Sie suchen eine zuverlässige Betreuung für Ihre Jüngsten, damit Sie in Ruhe studieren können? In der Kita Miniforscher gibt es noch freie Plätze!

International affairs

You want to make new friends, learn a foreign language or discover other cultures? You can do it all through Studentenwerk Dresden!

Our student projects bring together foreign and German students so they can learn from each other.

And our student exchange programs afford you the opportunity to take part in exciting trips to make new friends and learn other languages, cultures and university systems in the respective guest country.

A language trip can provide valuable perspective if you’re thinking of studying or interning abroad.

Further information on international affairs

International Students

Here are some useful tips and information for the time leading up to and during your time abroad.

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Student projects

Find out more about the student projects we oversee and how you can receive funding for your own projects.

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Student exchanges and language trips

Find out more about the exchange programs and language trips we offer.

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