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Cultural sponsorship

Studentenwerk Dresden sponsors student cultural projects. This effort at cultural sponsorship contributes on the one hand to the preservation of the student culture scene through ongoing support of existing student clubs and artistic collectives in Dresden, Tharandt, Zittau and Görlitz. Moreover, we seek to sponsor new and limited-period student projects such as exhibitions, theater productions, film projects, concerts, readings, festivals and cultural evenings.

We do not offer sponsorship for projects aimed solely or mainly at professional, political or religious purposes or goals.

For the purposes of student artistic collectives and clubs, Studentenwerk Dresden provides spaces such as the TUSCULUM students’ building, the Max-Kade-Foyer as well as spaces in cafeterias or residence halls.

Applications for sponsorship may be submitted by students (as private persons) and groups of university students associated with Studentenwerk Dresden. Please submit applications in writing to:

Studentenwerk Dresden
Geschäftsbereich Kommunikation und Kultur
Fritz-Löffler-Str. 18
01069 Dresden

Or per email to: beim Studentenwerk Dresden einzureichen.



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