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Removal allowance

Dresden as the provincial capital of Saxony pays a removal allowance to all students of the Dresden institutes of higher education (except for students of the university of cooperative education - Berufsakademie) who as a result of their studies aim at relocating their principal residence to the city of Dresden.

The student has to occupy his/her main residence within a fixed time span (from January to December of the same year). In the following year - from January until the end of March - application for removal allowance (150EUR at present) can be made. Removal allowance can only be granted once for the whole period of study. In order to apply, we kindly asked you to appear in person in the Studentenwerk, department of accommodation. The application cannot be made by third parties and should also not be sent by post.

The money will be transfered by the Studentenwerk into a German bank account. Application forms will be available at the Studentenwerk, the registration office and the citizen's advice bureau at the beginning of January. The application form can also be retrieved on the internet under

Second residence property tax

If you are aiming at registering a secondary residence please be aware of the fact that the city of Dresden has been raising a so-called Second Residence Property Tax since 01.01.2006. The council of the city of Dresden decided upon the "Satzung über die Erhebung einer Zweitwohnsitzsteuer in der Landeshauptstadt Dresden (Zweitwohnungssteuersatzung)" on 24.02.2005 (published in the Dresden official register no. 12/2006, p.9).

After registering a secondary residence the tax office will be informed by registry office. After that you will get a letter from tax office with the "Erklärung zur Zweitwohnungssteuer" (Official statement about the Second Residence Property Tax). All tenants of rooms in our student halls who have received such a letter are kindly asked to come to the Studentenwerk, department of accommodation with the document at hand. In our office no. 105, 108 or 115 you will be given the "Bescheinigung über die Bemessungsgrundlage zur Zweitwohnungssteuer" (certificate concerning the base for the Second Residence Property Tax). It is absolutely necessary to attach this document to the official statement sent to you by the tax office.

You may also request the certificate by e-mail. You will then receive the document by post. Please send an e-mail to:

Görlitz und Zittau

Removal allowance

Students who are registered at the University of Zittau/Görlitz and have their main place of residence in Zittau or Görlitz on December 31st, get the allowance in the amount of 50 euros upon application.

The allowance application can be made till January 31st of the following year at the registration offices of the cities Zittau or Görlitz by submitting the ID card, the student card and the current confirmation of enrollment. The application can be made in person only. The allowance will be transferred to the student's bank account after submitting the application, the processing of the application is free of charge.

Second residence property tax

The city council in Zittau introduced the secondary residence tax in June 2016. It is in force since August 1st 2016 and is 10 % of the net cold rent. Apart from the monetary income the city pursues another goal with the new tax: the residents with the secondary residence have to relocate their life to Zittau and register their main residence here.

The city council of the city Görlitz introduced the the secondary residence tax from 01.01.2011. Due to this, the city Görlitz increases a local added tax for holding a secondary place of residence since January 2011.