You desire a residence where you can maintain contact to your fellow co-workers and students throughout the world, all while having a short distance walk from campus and no additional unforeseeable charges?

Then your decision for a student residence house is just right!

Please use the virtual tour to familiarize yourself with our many offers in one of our 35 residence houses.

Our project WOMIKO already works to bring many students together under the same roof who study in the same academic field – please inform yourself.

Our staff is here to make sure that you feel welcome in your temporary home; all while staying true to our motto „(my) best time @ wohnheim“!

Photo: The photo shows a group of roommates sitting around the kitchen table, smiling, laughing, and looking up at the camera. The group consists of two young women and four young men. On the table there are drinks and a fruit bowl.
The photo shows the exterior facade of the International Guest House in Dresden. The newly renovated modern high-rise apartment complex has a metallic gray exterior, broken up with green and yellow elements around the windows. In the foreground, autumn colored trees can be seen standing under a predominantly blue sky decorated with the occasional cloud.