Vacancies in Dresden and Tharandt

To overview of vacancies in student halls in Dresden or Tharandt

Vacancies in student halls in Görlitz/Zittau

The vacancies are generally updated once a month. Changes are possible due to rooms being let.


These are vacancies currently available! These are not the vacancies for the coming winter or summer semester!

Current vacancies: 06.08.2018

Lindenstraße 18Vacancies:mfm/fall
Single bed rooms0000
Lindenstraße 30Vacancies:mfm/fall
Single bed rooms0000
Lutherplatz 4Vacancies:mfm/fall
Single bed rooms0011
Single bed rooms0044
Wohnheim DVacancies:mfm/fall
Single bed rooms001616
Wohnheim EVacancies:mfm/fall
Single bed rooms0000
Wohnheim FVacancies:mfm/fall
Single bed rooms0000
Single room apartment0000
Wohnheim GVacancies:mfm/fall
Single bed rooms004848