Student clubs in Dresden, Tharandt, Zittau and Görlitz

Dresden is Germany’s unofficial capital of student clubs with 13 in total. The university cities of Tharandt, Zittau and Görlitz also each boast one student club each.

With a great deal of dedication, idealism and great ideas, these student clubs offer parties, theater and art, concerts, food theme nights, beer and games nights—a broad range of events with low entrance and drinks costs for students. It’s easy to feel at home with these clubs! Talk with your friends, play games, shake a leg to disco music—this is all part of the student club flair.

There are many small, cozy clubs; but also larger clubs that can hold several hundred guests. Visit the student clubs! The selection is huge and the clubs are always happy to have new guests!

Student clubs in Dresden

Club Address Contact
Borsi 34 e.V. Borsbergstraße 34
01309 Dresden
Manuel Wolf
Mobil: 0162 7820960
Club 11 e.V. Hochschulstraße 48
01069 Dresden
Marc Richter
Tel.: 0176 61402108
Club HängeMathe e.V. Zeunerstraße 1f
01069 Dresden
René Müller
Tel.: 0351-41882826
Club Mensa e.V. Reichenbachstraße 1
01069 Dresden
Frank Mösche
Tel.: 0351 4692592
Gutzkowclub e.V. Gutzkowstraße 29
01069 Dresden
David Lange
Mobil: 0176 56760697
Kellerklub GAG 18 e.V. Fritz-Löffler-Str. 16
01069 Dresden
Christine Reiner
Tel.: 0351 4719085
Studentenclub Aquarium e.V. St. Petersburger Str. 21
01069 Dresden
Sophie Wackerhagen
Mobil: 0157 86325520
Studentenclub Bärenzwinger e.V. Brühlscher Garten 1
01067 Dresden
Sven Willer
Tel.: 0351 4951409
Studentenclub Novitatis e.V. Fritz-Löffler-Straße 12 c (Keller)
01069 Dresden
André Zieger
Tel.: 0351 4674845
Studentenclub Wu5 e.V August-Bebel-Straße 12
01219 Dresden
Henrik Bechtloff
Tel.: 0351 40496924 (Di - Do ab 20 Uhr)
Studentenklub IZ e.V.
(Count Down)
Güntzstraße 22
01307 Dresden
Andreas Helwig
Traumtänzer e.V. 01069 Dresden
Budapester Straße24
Janine Drechsler
Mobil: 0176 20060118
Studentenforum Dresden e.V.
Marc Löchner
Tel.: 0351 41886751

Student clubs in Tharandt

Club Address Contact
Heinrich-Cotta-Club e. V. Wilsdruffer Straße 20
01737 Tharandt
Marie Weigand

Mobil: 0160 2921911

Student clubs in Zittau

Club Address Contact
DeZi-Bar e.V. Schliebenstraße 27
02763 Zittau
Stefan Eisoldt
Tel.: 03583 619353
Mobil: 0173 6717380

Student clubs in Görlitz

Club Address Contact
Studierendenclub Maus Gottfried-Kiesow-Platz 2
02826 Görlitz
Neklas Günther

Mobil: 0162/3434503