Café Blau in Dresden

Café Blau in lecture building Weberplatz scores with fresh colors and a rich snack offers. A special decorating idea is the coffee sacks, which refer everywhere to the origin of the coffee presented here. Guests will find a range of sandwiches, baked goods and drinks at the spacious serving counter.

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General information

Address:Teplitzer Straße, 01217 Dresden
(Building Weberplatz 5)

Sandwiches, baked goods, drinks


Opened in 1996
Redesigned in 2000
Extended in 2008
Redesigned 2013

Opening hours and events Café Blau

In the following overview you will find the opening and closing times including current changes.

Café Blau - Currently changed opening hours

Schließzeit06.02.23 - 02.04.23Werte Gäste,
das Café Blau hat vom 06.02.-02.04.2023 geschlossen.
Trotzdem Lust auf ein leckeres Frühstück? Gerne können Sie unser Frühstücksangebot in der Wueins ab 9:00 Uhr nutzen.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

Café Blau - Regular opening hours

ÖffnungszeitenMontag-Freitag von 9:00-13:00 Uhr

The following table lists the current and upcoming campaign weeks of Café Blau.

Café Blau - Current and future campaigns

Currently there are no information about campaigns available.

Contact persons for Café Blau

The following table lists the contact person for the Café Blau in Dresden.
For inquiries, praise or criticism, please use our central contact form.

Serviceleiterin Jacqueline Wolff


Jacqueline Wolff

Mobile: +49 175 6535578

Map of Café Blau