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Live im TUSCULUM 2024 Caveman Bandlogo.jpg

LIVE at TUSCULUM: Cavemen Prophecy

Date: Thursday, 25. April 2024 20:00 CEST
Location: Studentenhaus Tusculum, August-Bebel-Straße 12, 01219 Dresden

On April 25 "Cavemen Prophecy" will be playing a well-shaken metal cocktail at LIVE at TUSCULUM.

Founded in 2019, German metal four-piece Cavemen Prophecy combine powerful riffs, melodic guitar work and odd time signatures with harsh vocals. The result is a well-shaken cocktail mix of groovy alt metal, thrash, sludge and hardcore with harmonizing guitars, agile drums and pounding bass.


Tim Waitschies - riffblasting, shouting
Ivo Lattek - Melodies
Georg Tanzmann - Bottom
Daniel Burghardt - hitting things with sticks

Listen on youtube

Admission free - donation welcome (recommendation 3 - 5 €)

Start at 8 p.m., admission from 7:30 p.m.

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